What time it is?

One day long ago when me and O’Neil were walking home from high school, a car pulled up to us. The passenger stuck his creepy head out the window and uttered these cryptic words:

“What time it is?”

I still think about that sometimes.

Anyway, here are the new and improved suicide football rules:

1. Get your shit in on time or you are fucked. Mess up once, you get Cinci. Mess up again, it’s game over. Cinci ain’t playing? Game over.

2. The free life is CXL’d. There is no free life. Keep playing with what you got.

3. What if there is a tie? If there is a tie, you can share or keep playing. In order to share, everyone must agree. If you keep playing, you still can’t pick a team you already picked.

Good luck to me, Judd, Rach-o, Rock Chalk J-hawk, and GMC.

Everyone else, I’m sorry you suck.

17 thoughts on “What time it is?

  1. wow. the title and first paragraph made absolutely no fucking sense. but i gave you the benefit… “he’s a fucking english grad major, there is no fucking way he would leave that story hanging.”

    then i get to the end of the post.

    wirkus. seriously. what the fuck?

  2. i mean, even something cheesy like

    “”what time is it?” you ask? oh, its time for me to win. holla”

    but no. god damn i’m so pissed off.

  3. (1) Thank you for clearing things up Wirkus!! Maybe there should be a prize for best suicide football organizer.

    (2) Is there a good way to figure out what everyone is bringing to Whazzgiving? I know Jenny was down for a dessert. Madd, did you say you’re on casserole duty? I am making mashed potatoes. Unfortunately, it’s the only Thanksgiving food I make well. Mr. Moneypenny will undoubtedly be providing the turkey goodness. We still need stuffing/dressing (what’s the difference again?), cranberries, rolls, sweet potatoes/yams, and whatever else y’all can think of.

    (3) Is it snowing in Wisco yet? Can I get a Milwaukee or Madison weather update? Katie? Brian?

  4. doesn’t the stuffing cook… well… stuffed in the turkey? if not, i’ll make a bunch of stove top to go along with my casserole goodness.


  5. I’ll field that question, Mad Snailtist:
    a.) Cal and Greg are vegetarians (or possibly vegans).
    2.) They were at Whazzgiving last year.
    d.) Stuffing is cooked inside a turkey, ostensibly a member of the meat phylum. Ergo, meat juices drip onto it and give it its good flavor.
    5.) We wanted everyone to be able to eat as much food as possible on the table, so we made the stuffing in the oven on a pan. During preparation I accidentally dumped 1 (one) half of a bucket of black pepper onto the stuffing mix (it was from scratch). If you put a ton of gravy on it it was great. Ask Cal or Greg or Henkel.

    The mystery of the turkey-less stuffing has been solved. And all the children played through the night.

  6. For RC- It is a pleasant day today in Madison. The air is crisp, but he sun is shining; the leaves are turning beautiful colors; wood smoke is drifting up from the chimney, and little children (and I, Iíll admit) are pretending to be Marlborough men, breathing smoke clouds with every exhalation.

  7. translation:
    I have to give a comment since mike was too busy jerking off at home to come to the first Whazzgiving!

  8. yes i am here my name is bellgirl, yesterday i had my first experience digitally stiumulating someone. I had the stick my finger in my patient’s butthole and circle around the poop that was stuck. The only problem is that it was soft and instead of coming out nicely it came out in small squishy amts. and it was all over my fingers (I was wearing gloves). The smell was so bad that I was gagging and I thought I might vomit on my patient’s ass.
    I thought that story might go along with the stuffing conversation, maybe I’ll bring some of that poop for everyone to eat.

  9. Wow. You learn something new and disgusting every day. Also, I thought the Wisco whazzers would be delighted to find out that as we speak Judd and Scott are in New York to go to Game 6 of WS. They bought tickets of the plane AND game variety before hopping on a flying thingy and zooming out of town at about 10pm last night. I got a call from Scott this morning; his question? “Hey, did they close the WWE World restaurant in New York?”

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