Happy Fun Foto Day

You may be asking yourself, “Self? Where is Zach writing this post from?” And I answer you thusly: I am writing this post from Building 1, second floor, cube #12142. In other words, my new home. However, due to a glitch in the matrix I do not have such essentials like my possesions. They have yet to be moved. All I have is my laptop and my digital camera, and that’s damn well good enough to make a post.

So… yeah, remember my Bellman Profile? The Dream Vehicle? You remember that?

Boom. The sound of your brain shattering.

So I bought a new truck and stuff. T-I-G-H-T is how I’d spell it, but you can also call it Tahoe, or Brewermobile.

Here’s some more pics (click ’em to see larger versions):

Would anyone like to contribute to the “DUB Up The Tahoe Fund”? I’ll take any and all contributions.

Forgotten Whazzmaster Moments

I have a lot of pictures that never quite made it onto the site. For instance, and this is due to my own laziness and stupidity, you guys never saw any photos from Las Vegas. Also, how could I have forgotten to post the pictures of Casperson and Kyle when they were on TV at Smackdown! I think I shall remedy that right now.

But first:

From Jack Nicklaus Golf for the NES, I give you: The Reader Board

Also, Madd bombed out of his skull

Now onto the photo fun:

First we’ll do the Westy/Caspa Wrestling Adventure. They can elaborate in whatever ways they feel necessary. As with all the pics here, click on it to attain a super-huge version, suitable for framing.

Next we’ll hit Las Vegas as only we can: drunk and smelling of stink.

We got there tired and smelling and ready to gamble

Scientist cutting Scott in the room

Me, blinged the fuck out

En route to the Bellagio

Scientist sporting Trucker-style at the Bellagio

My margarita on Saturday night, which was far larger than any vat of tequila has a right to be

Madd and Judd with their large margaritas

Judd in a hallway

The Madd Scientist with his toy penis…

…attacking Scott…

…and Brian…

…and Matt.

I don’t know how to explain this

Print this photo out and put it behind the Bellstand.

Besides the move at work, there’s not much else happening

72 thoughts on “Happy Fun Foto Day

  1. …and you fools want to play nba jam? Raj, didn’t I beat you like 88-12 last time we played? Give me Indiana with Reggie Miller, Delf Schremp and mother fucking Rick Smits and his dirty ass shitstache and I will fuck you the fuck up.

  2. Well, here I am, another year older, another year sassier:

    1) I fucking hate modern “art”. Fuck all you assholes who starve in 7th floor walkups in new york city and shit on a canvas and expect me to exhaltate this as art.
    I went to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis with Jesus. I almost lost my mind.
    I love art museums like I love shopping alone. It reminds me of when I went to visit Mia in Copenhagen, Denmark and we smoked pot the whole week: morning, noon and night. We got on a train to Louisiana, where there was a Warhol exhibit, stoned. We got there, paid our admission, and freaked out. We were in: trapped. Where were we to smoke more? Luckily, every museum in Europe has a gardin. It was a rainy, grey, post-gothic Grimm Fairy Tale kind of day and we smoked a joint in the garden behind the museum while kids shouted in the background. Fucking jerks trying to ruin my day: and anyway, who brings kids to a Warhol exhibit?
    Anyway, I love Warhol (Yes, I do, Old Man, live with it), but I hate the other posers.

    2) I would write more, but I had my nails donwe by Koreans yesterday, so I can’t type. Plus it’s my birthday and I have already drank 3 margaritas, knocked over a cactus into a bag of sweaters Jesus just bought. Oops. He said: no mas margaritas. Then he fell asleep. Ole!!!

  3. wow 4nyay, now she is not only the fucking the mexican, but going out in public with him.

    your chances are slimming.

  4. I will refer you to the first poll of the Modern Era, wherein I explain how I accidentally deleted ALL of the polls by being dumb. I apologize. But to make up for it I created the whazzmaster.com Motto List.

    Where the F is LossDog?

    Also, did you see my awesome haikus, ww?

  5. Happy B-Day Jen. I know it will be just fabulous and gay for you. Welcome to the land of Fucking Old People. Springer is the mayor of this town, but Cal is his lieutenant and Wirkus is the Sheriff. I just moved here, and I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I’d rather be an ignorant freshman again who didn’t know what tequila does to one’s body.

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