i need a house

ok, casperson is coming out in january. i’m moving into a new place dec 1st.

i would like to enlist the bored whazz masses into helping me find a suitable abode.

my bedroom needs to be at least 11×14. a garage is a huge plus. garbage disposal = must. living room space is not relevant. dish washer is plus. garbage and water paid for = plus.

we’re probably going to live in sunnyvale because it is where i work and in the middle of the penninsula in case casperson gets desperate and ends up working in THE WORST CITY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH

the rent has been capped at $1,250 with a desire for quality. rent of about $1,000 would be ideal.

click here for some housing listings

if you see anything promising in there, holla.

68 thoughts on “i need a house

  1. i think errrrryone realized how awesome of a costume it would be yesterday… i had the same idea today. as well as a suggestion by a friend referencing something i did in a hotel a few months ago. i don’t want a million people copying me (as you don’t as well) so i will withold all info until pictures are made available tomorrow.

    drunk., but still able to type fairly well.

  2. “unzip windows files”

    you fucking idiot, why don’t you try to jump into warp 6 when your core dithium crytals haven’t fully ionized?!?!?! AHAHAHAHAHAHA you idiot.

    here’s a 2 day pass to nerd camp, get a clue.

  3. OK, sorry. I don’t speak nerd. Here is what I need. Someone sent me a zip file with pictures on it. It is zipped. I would like to unzip it. How can I do this? I have a PC that uses Windows, not a Mac (they may run Windows as well but I wouldn’t know because I have never used one).

  4. Jumping prematurely into warp six was my only available recourse. We were deep in the nuetral zone and had two cloaked Romulan vessels off our port bow. Anyway, dilithium crystals are a dime a dozen here in the Alpha Quadrant.

  5. Holy shit my brain just fell out. Use WinZip for christ’s sakes (that’s the first time I’ve ever written the words “christ’s sakes”; I don’t know if I even spelled it right).

  6. Let me give all of you a lesson in finding computer programs:

    i want a windows program that unzips files.

    windows unzips files



    boingo, there you go. just follow hose steps and you can find every program you’ll ever need.

    The only way to defeat the Borg is create a static warp bubble and then drop it onto their ship. It’ll collapse and take them all to hell with it.

  7. KML, your hose steps didn’t work? I don’t get it. Are you and Sean going out tonight?
    I will be out.

    Will there be a riot in Madison, WI tonight?
    Yes -190
    No +220

    Over under on Steve Bartman costumes:

    Where the hell are:
    1. Timmah
    2. Arlo
    3. Jen
    4. Old man

  8. WWhazz — just a stupid pun about Zach’s typo.

    I’m not sure if we’re going out. I think Sean wants to, but neither of us has customes. I have a pretty sweet leisure suit and coat but I don’t think dressing up as a person from the 70’s counts for a costume. Also, I have a ton of school stuff to do this weekend and I’m supposed to help my sister move in Delafield tomorrow, but that’s still pending. If I don’t have to help, then I can probably go out. We’re going out for Sean’s and Jacque’s birthdays next Saturday the 9th. You’d better be there – no excuses!

  9. WWhazz, maybe I’ll just go out with you and wear my cubs t-shirt because the C makes my left tit look cute.

  10. I’m just some guy who loves football but sucks at Suicide… and doesn’t follow baseball all that much but made the Beat the Streak leaderboard.

  11. The 9th is next Sunday, not Saturday, that’s my birthday too. The niners have bye, the greatest birthday present ever, they won’t lose.

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