80 thoughts on “Some Days I Amaze Even Myself

  1. Please allow me to enlighten you further, as you appear to have only scratched the surface of the balance sheet. While the checking acct has a low acct number and fixed assets have higher ones, the liabilities are higher still! The equity accounts are higher still, and then follow the revenues and expenses. Accounting – it’s so beautiful and mysterious. Stay awake my little man, stay awake, and you shall learn all the wonders of the accounting world.

  2. hey rc whadja think of modest mouse? pretty strange huh. it’s a little much for me. when i hear modest mouse i think: howhahzzat? or a very bored and tired version of “bawk bawk what?”

    now you can sound very hip and cultured though… just drop “that time i saw modest mouse at the fillmore” and watch for the look of envy behind those the black rimmed glasses. i hate those black rimmed glasses. everybody: if you are a four eyes, you are a nerd. love, cal

  3. I would like to put my 2 cents in for the Minneapolis vs. Milwaukee fight: Milwaukee.

    First of all, why is the city of Minneapolis (and by extension St. Paul) one big highway? I think I saw one bus there the whole weekend, and no one in the street. Also, I ate at a number of restaurants: Worst. Service. Ever. I feel confident in making the generalization that lots of highways = less people interaction => snotty ass bitches who work at seafood places where you can’t get a second vodka tonic to save your life.
    Second of all, was the whole city raized and rebuilt in the pre-fab ’60s? I was so bored by the architecture that I just wanted to cry a little. At least Milwaukee has some nice buildings (Federal Reuss Bldg. aside).
    Third of all, just to incite some regional rivalries, who can back a team of Vikings? A team represented by dirty, raping and pillaging Norweigans? C’MON R U JOKIN ME.
    Finally, it is cold as shit. There was at least a 15 degree difference in the temperature. How can you people live like that?

    There you go, Cal: go wild and crazy.


  5. you assholes. Just for punishment, I am going to whazz more than ever today.

    Someone in our office brought in one of those dry soup bowls where you add hot water and shake it up for your lunch. El sabor? Vegetarian Chicken Noodle. Is that possible?

  6. Please read the warning about the hot water being hot Jen. We don’t want you to burn yourself. I really didn’t think anybody ate my soup. Maybe I can get my job back?

  7. hoom. Denver was up by 3 with 2 minutes to go last night. I went to check whazmaster and the game was over: NE over Den 30-26. Zuh?

  8. It was a great ending… NE deliberately gave up a safty rather than trying to punt from their 1 yard line… which gave Denver 2 pts, but NE got to kick from the 30 (35?)…

    … which Denver somehow managed not to field until it rolled to their own 10 yard line.

    NE’s defense held, and stupid Brady threw a game winning TD.

  9. True, one removal and we are usless. The thing is we last longer than Jens relationships. Also my favorite is: Hug your mother not trees. Darn hippies always hugging something.

  10. What the hell was I thinking? I went for a walk with the misses and came home and drank tea instead of watching football? WTF? Iíve been brainwashed by estrogen.

  11. Old Man, luckily my wife loves football, and watches it even when I don’t want to. I love my wife. Fuck all you haters out there.

    Fuck you Post-It Note man. Fuck you Bumper Sticker Guy. And last but not least: fuck President George W. BUsh.

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