house deeeez nootz

in more housing news, the place is ours and i got $2000 in cash in my pocket to put on the security deposit. question: should i go and put the deposit down or do something else with the money? discuss.

also, assuming i go with plan A and get the house… to the roomates and anyone else that wants to chime in: digital cable or directv? i vote digital cable if it is the box that my dad has. the one ro has is jank-o. fucking advertisements on the only screen i can use to change the channel?? also i have had a nightmare experience with directv at cinnebar.

discussion topic number 3… erin, when will you be here to sign the lease? could you be around november 21st before 5pm? then we get the keys and rent starts on saturday the 22nd. we can not sign the lease before we take possesion, and we can not get into the house before we sign the lease. saturday i am going to a football game, so i can’t do it then unless they are open early.

not enough topics…. ok… KFC… health food or rediculously bad for you?

GMC: thoughts on the stripper pole situation? maybe put it in the garage? i’m torn.

no dogs. no cats. and because ro has a dog, lets ban her too just to be safe.

i am also curious as to:
1. who is going to have sex in the pool first.
2. how everyone else is going to react to it.

total gym 1500… has a better piece of exercise equiptment ever been built? i say nay. and chuck norris is in my corner so watch out.


96 thoughts on “house deeeez nootz

  1. i didn’t say i wouldn’t fuck them…i just don’t treat them worth anymore than the toilet paper i wipe my ass with.

  2. Wisconsin: Madison
    The State Senate approved a bill that would allow some people to carry concealed weapons to youth, sports games, taverns and other places. The bill goes to Gov. Doyle, who pledged to veto it because it “doesn’t make Wisconsin safer.” Overriiding a veto requires a two thirds vote by both houses of the Legislature. The bill would end Wisconsin’s 130-year-old ban on concealed weapons.

  3. Scott, you idiot, you don’t have to explicitly erase your cache. Just Refresh your browser once you upload the picture. Or hit F5, or maybe an F-U.

  4. Word on the street is that the Assembly and Senate will override the governor’s veto and soon there will be guns in the streets again, just to make everyone safer, despite evidence to the contrary.

  5. jen you dolt. you fucking dolt. have you ever even held a gun?

    like 5+ years ago wisconsin made it legal to carry exposed weapons on the street. did it matter then? no. does it matter now? no.

    are would be criminals sitting at home with a stock pile of guns refusing to concele them and commit crimes? no. fucking no. they are already out there shooting people.

    i could go on for days but i will just leave you with an e-fuck off.

  6. The Scientist’s Libertarian and pro-gun leanings are well known even to the bacteria swimming on my keyboard at home. I have had countless conversations with him about this, and all I can say is that there is not enough data to predict for certain what will happen if all gun control laws are repealed. I don’t think society would collapse in a year, and I don’t think that we would necessarily be as safe as we are now. That’s my thought.

  7. that’s funny, because overall there has been a decrease in violent crime nationwide. However, the decrease has statistically been SMALLER in states with CONCEALed carry laws. Hmmmm…I wonder why???? I also wonder why all of the Police Departments and sheriffs across the state are against this law….hmmmmm. Those jerks just don’t want us to be safe!

    Just get your facts straight next time, asshole. Your high and mighty rants are just hot air in the face of facts and reason (that would be me). There is an e-fuck off right back at you.

  8. 1) the people that are going to use guns in an illegal manner (rob stores, shoot people, etc…) already do.

    2) the people that want to use their own gun to protect themselves from these people in a legal manner can’t.

    before we go further, acknowledge these facts.

  9. also jen, over the last 60 years the internet has blossomed into a place that i have to hear you be dumb.

    also in the last 60 years average life expectancies have jumped over 10 years!

    WOW!!! your bitching on this new fangled internet is making people live longer.


  10. someone didn’t pay attention to the scientific process in high school… maybe you were checking your makeup?

  11. So I can only assume that 1) because people are going to commit crime and 2) people should be able to carry guns in their pockets to protect themselves, which both have statisically been proven NOT to decrease crime rates are sufficient causes for the negative result? No one ever said you couldn’t have your own arsenal, or militia, dumbass, but your reasons are not sufficient in any way to justify the necessity of a concealed carry law. I’m sorry, you lose, go back to start, and do not collect $200.

  12. Wow what a mess this seems to be. It is a free country and we have the right to bare arms. Those who have records for the smallest thing shouldn’t even be able to own a gun. I don’t know.

  13. zach, i did all that shit including hitting ALT & F5…the only thing i didn’t do was restart my computer. i didn’t go to nerd camp, but i’m not a computer dolt. i guess there was just a minor glich in the system that worked itself out, but thanks for your input. sorry i blamed the website.

  14. no one’s taking guesses at the movie trivia…what, no one wants to drink w/ me? well fuck you, cuz i know it & i’m drinkin alone.

  15. marksie: i agree. fuck up, and you’re done… no mo guns for you.

    4nyay: you have the worst. computer. ever. either suck up and buy something new or shhhhhhh

    jen: so, i can have an arsenal and even a militia, but if i leave my house i have to leave my “protection” there as well? that sounds safe. you didn’t prove anything and if at all just said that there is no way either one of us could be proved right. you must have been fixing that mascara smudge through debate class as well.

    lets forget about “guns” and instead focus solely on protection. do you think a women carrying mace and spraying it in a would be rapists face has EVER stopped a women from being attacked? i say yes. many many times. what if that same woman after being properly trained could shoot the rapist dead and leave it at that?


  16. Even if they change the statues on carrying concealed weapons, it will still be illegal to have a “dangerous weapon” in a pub/bar/tavern or to carry a firearm while intoxicated, thus most of us will still be unable to have a pistol in our pocket.

    F11 is my fav.

  17. pub/bar/tavern/restaurant/jen’s house are all PRIVATE properties. the owner of those properties can set whatever rules they want. this is why every store in minnesota has a sign that says “you can’t have guns up in herrrrr”

  18. Madd, your dumb (that bad grammar is just so you can understand what I’m trying to say. I understand you have some problems with the english language. That’s okay, most fat people are lazy and stupid).

  19. No, Madd, the Wisc. law would preclude guns from any tavern anyway, so your private property blah, blah argument is bullshit. You have been revealed to be: UNINFORMED. Boo-yah.

  20. uh, “However, the decrease has statistically been SMALLER in states with CONCEALed carry laws”.

    Doesn’t that mean that if they have a concelaed weapon, then there is less DEcrease, meaning MORE crime?

  21. here is the obvious law:

    you can carry 1 concealed semi-automatic non-assault weapon. if you break ANY law WHILE carrying, you lose your right to conceal (including public drunkeness). if you commit any violent crime (or had before this law was passed) regardless of whether or not you were packing, you lose your right to conceal. before you can conceal you must pass a written test as well as a safty test for every gun you intend to conceal. if a concealed weapon ever misfires while in your possession you lose your right to conceal. if you shoot someone and there is any question at all whether or not the person was attacking you, but they can not prove that you killed them intentionally unprovoked, you also lose your right to conceal.

    done and done. wisconsin senate, take the day off.

  22. I don’t think CONCEALED guns should be allowed. I want to KNOW who the fuck is packing. Let’em carry their protection, but I want to KNOW. that way I can avoid if necessary.

  23. WI Statutes Chapter 939 Crimes General Provisions- makes it illegal to have a weapon in a bar. Doesn’t matter if it is private property. Doesn’t matter if it is concealed or taped to your forehead.

    “the owner of those properties can set whatever rules they want”- so if you want to snort coke while you rape a goat, it is ok if you do it on private property as long as it is OK with the owner?

  24. Bring back the Cowboy holsters. And the virgin maidens. Oh, and the Bars with Brothels in the lofts…. bring those back too.

  25. why do I keep throwing my hat up on the weathervane? Because I love watching the kids go up and get it in the morning. I’ll need that 12 pack because I’m not intoxicated, yet.

  26. private property owners can take away rights, not grant them… sorry if that wasn’t obvious.

    and timmah: you already can holster guns in WI.

  27. except within 1700 ft of a school or hospital; in a public building, bar/tavern; while intoxicated; if you are a minor, convicted felon, on probation, mentally unstable… it almost makes it not worthwhile.

  28. does this sound like a john wayne qoute?

    john wayne was a pimp amongst cowboys…god damn, he musta had the floss that day. he flossed more than a dentist.

    a clue get one…

    and then conceal it.

  29. fuck you blank, he was looking for a JW movie, and i had them all listed before i deleted them.

    the movie is mclintock. fuck off.

  30. The Scientist has already shared all my views on gun ownership. If you outlaw guns, the only people who will have them are outlaws. So the states with concealed weapons laws have had a lower decrease in crime. One theory: Their crime rates were already pretty low before. I was watching a Wildest Police Videos program one time, and a guy tried to hold up a gun store in Texas. The guy had seven bullets in him in about 2 seconds. I’m not a big fan of Texas, but I think this in one instance where they have it right.

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