listen up, i’m about to get dope. its ain’t nothin but some shit i wrote.

whazz has been completely confusing today what with odd john wayne contests that were not clear… crazy gun fearing republicans spewing forth their intellectual vomit… and even talk of a new bar opening up with coke sniffing goats.

anyways, i give you all a blank slate.

the topic at hand is rules for this weekends pay per view, and what errrrryone will bring… such as the much needed matress.

78 thoughts on “listen up, i’m about to get dope. its ain’t nothin but some shit i wrote.

  1. alright… mean… sorry whatever i take it back. but that gun shit is such fucking backwards… dumbass nonsense… oh god you idiot.

  2. if 1 bullet went off in japan it would kill 500 people cause they so packed in.


    japanese dicks in own ass:
    scientist: 0
    cal: 17

  3. and never appologize when stepping to the scientist… i take it and dish it back with no hard feelings. fag.

  4. why don’t you go kill somebody smart guy? hide under your window and mumble about space craft or RACE while the rest of us whazz in lucid, healthy understanding of the world around us.

  5. Cal, the U.S. doesn’t have a gun problem, it has a violence problem. The U.S. probably has more knife deaths, baseball bat deaths, and steel chair deaths than Japan too. Why? I can’t pinpoint one problem: single parent families, poverty, etc.

  6. without me there would be nothing to understand of the world around you and life would be a boring waste.

  7. thank you peterstiffly for the very good point. i was avoiding it because i was focusing on the gun issue, not the violence issue. the violence arguement gets sidetracked and then people are just like “EVERYTHING SHOULD BE ILLEGAL” like at airports… and that is fucking dumb.

    you are dead right though… the people are going to fuck someone up with whatever they can get their hands on. steel chair = hilarious.

  8. i saw kill bill a few weeks ago…

    samurai related deaths per 100,000 people

    US: 0.05
    Japan: 99,999

  9. a. picture. i don’t know how to do it.

    b. scientist. bladdyblu you are a problem you good ol boy gun loving freakshow

  10. bullshit. that is some tired ass bullshit. before we all take philosophy class why don’t we first do away with the AK47s. i wish i was a republican for a day that way i could kill you scientist.

  11. speaking of “kill you” that’s my fav. eminem song. that and square dance.

    now back to regularly scheduled gun argument

    1. you must always have ‘drinking’ beer in your hand throughout the ppv.
    2. a full beer will be bet for each match by everyone at the extravaganza. the bet must be placed by the time the starting bell rings for each match. if not you automatically have to drink your one ‘bet’ beer because you were disqualified.
    3. all ‘bet’ beer must be drank by the time of the bell for the following match. if not, there will be another full beer penalty.
    4. if you can not finish your ‘bet’ beer or the penalty beer twice, you will be the recipient of one ric flair chop, per penalty, at the conclusion of the ppv extravaganza.
    5. for the main event, there will not only be a ‘bet’ beer, but also a ric flair chop bet. if you win, you get to ric flair chop one of the losers of your choice.

  13. Cal, an AK47 is a fully automatic military assault rifle. It is illegal for you and I as civilians to own one. Even though I would have a hell of a lot of fun with one, I will not try to get my hands on one as I am a law abiding citizen. Don’t let the crack pot quasi-militias out in Wyoming give all gun owners a bad name.

  14. A semi automatic rifle (legal) is easily converted into a fully automatic rifle (illegal) by filing the sear.

  15. i love to stick it to gun owners due to their close relation to the nutjobs (madd) running through the hills. you’re right though, joe blow who’s got a gun in his dresser drawer isn’t necessarily a killer. but i still like to stick it to him. in my mind he’s part of the problem. owning a gun just-because-you-can and because it was protected by guys who shot fucking MUSKET BALLS doesn’t make it cool or right. it’s a right we should give up for the sake our society. no guns baby no guns.

  16. Ok, maybe it’s time to stop with the fight over guns? Or, if you insist on continuing, pleae try to communicate in an intelligent manner. “Jen you dolt. You fucking dolt” doesn’t work for anyone with a brain. That was horrible.

  17. same with meat bitches. just cause ben franklin was diggin on a fat steak don’t mean you should. no meat baby no meat.

  18. ok I just put up a picture that shows just how short I really am. Granted I am standing next to an NFL offensive lineman (Scott Gragg #78 49ers) but I am short.

  19. cal you ain’t sticking it to nobody.
    also, ben franklin was a vegetarian. so was hitler. I love to stick it to people who don’t eat meat and their connection with murderous facists.

  20. the job is good. i moved back to madison and i work for the wi department of justice. i don’t get to check on whazz as much as at my old job so i haven’t been around much.

  21. i will agree to disagree on the gun issue, and pose 1 final thought that any whazzer may post 1 final response to, and i will hold my peace… we can discuss at whazzgiving rationally if you choose to, i just find the internet a fun place to get arguementative.

    begin final thought.

    could you ban math? could you ban airplanes? could you ban the wheel? could you ban soap?

    no. and cal… seriously… they didn’t ban soap yet… buy some.

    these are simple ideas and inventions that are now part of the worlds common knowledge. if all airplanes were destroyed and made illegal, someone would still understand that pressure = lift, and make their own wing in their own garage. and now because of the ban, which created low supply and high demand, they have the monopoly on the plane market and will become rich with underground mob style tactics.

    a gun is a simple tool… something that holds an object that is propelled with an accelerant. thats it.

    we are in cals world now… guns are illegal. i can still go to home depot, get a pvc pipe, head over to albersons and get a potato, and flip a bitch back to walgreens for some hairspray (and probably preperation h)…. boom, potatoe gun just as powerful as .45 magnum. better ban hairspray too.

    are firecrackers illegal now in this gun free world? cause i could take out the black powder, use a steely marble or a ball bearing and some plumbers pipe and make a damn good 1 shooter… or are we going to do away with that pesky “water in every house through pipes” idea the romans had a while ago? ball bearings also seem like a disposable part of the modern era. tell you what, lets just ban metal.

    without boring everyone with any more sarcasm, i think you get the point… a gun is an IRREVERSIBLE IDEA… not an object. you can stop mass market and mass production, but you can’t stop the idea.

    i seriously can’t believe some of the hypocrits that think that a gun ban (in any form be it concealment or outright) would work because of a LAW… that whole drug ban is going EXCELLENT… right? i bet it was real hard for any of you to score last time? right? geeeez you probably had to make upwards of 2 phone calls.

    i just figured it out…


    fuck i’m pissed.

  22. ONEIL! you fucknut you had to come out of hiding to call me out you lawyer i’ll kill you! dude hitler and ben franklin ate fat burgers all day! dude, i’m not gonna be in st.paul for christmas! terrible. come to california! xo cal

  23. from ben franklins biography:

    “Franklin wanted to improve his mind and his health and found a practical way to do both at the same time. Books were very expensive in Franklin’s day, and as a youth, he didn’t have much extra money. Franklin decided to become a vegetarian. He believed that eating a vegetarian diet was healthier than a diet filled with meat. In addition, meat was much more expensive, so by becoming a vegetarian, Franklin could save money to spend on books.”

  24. ahhhh!!! potato gun? and you know you misspelled it like dan quayle? you! you! jaboring a bugitive! ok i have to try to read the rest. ONEIL!

  25. blarg! oneil you bastard are you hanging out with cory tennison or what? mad+ a potato gun = true madd scientist. madd will you make me a potato gun for christmas? ONEIL!

  26. Wow you miss a day and the whole world of Whazzmaster is on fire (or maybe just a couple of the whazzers crotches) Anyways…

    1. Stripper pole, not my idea, but I will happily take over as the foreman to make sure this happens.

    2. Gun issue. I carry 2 concealed guns around at all times and break them out whenever needed.

    3. Whazzgiving…not part of, no comment other than have fun.

    4. Piqueresquequequeque day…as always, IN.

    5. Madd- way to sign the lease.

    6. Ro- I’ll sneak you in the back door of our place.

    7. RC- The whole pole idea with strippers, if you don’t mind having strippers hanging out in the house all day, everyday, I won’t force them to hang out in the garage!

    8. New home renters (RC, Money, Madd)- when are we going to have the housewarming party?

  27. cal i don’t know where cory t is these days. no christmas fun with cal. that is no good. I had a blt at nick’s today and i thought of you.

    as for guns, i agree with madd that getting rid of them would be impossible. i don’t really have an opinion about the concealed weapon proposal in wisco overall, plus it sounds like it will be vetoed. i would like to take one of the classes they are going to make people take just to see how they teach someone to legally act in self-defense.

  28. veeee-tow! they sure didn’t veto that shizznit in MN. goddam minnesota. minnesota what’s going on? ok later gators

  29. if cal can’t finish the 32oz of beef goodness, we can use the extra PVC i’ll have around as a midget stripper pole, because our house does not judge the little people.

  30. Sneak me in?

    I fucking want VIP. Aren’t you a bouncer GMC? You need to bounce whoever doesnt want me there out!


  31. eat silky smoove sensual doodoo b4 regulating industrial germanic hot sauce heretofore thus penetrating laborious menstrual habenero…

    seriously, i think it is just that way!

  32. i think he said he had to go home early cause uh…man…duh had her period.

    sorry playa, next month holds its bounty. keep that head up.

  33. Zacaroni: your reviews are A+. I always accidentally laugh out loud and then have to look around real quick to see if any of the interns have noticed that I’m not working again…

  34. Husband, can we please golf this weekend? I would like to golf with you. And then go home and have sex. But first maybe eat breakfast at Hobees/Stacks.

  35. Fuck me! RC will you take money to re-educate my wife? Play golf, watch football, have sex, eat nasty food… it is like my imaginary heaven, the land of beautiful people on heroin and horses typically idealized in Ralph Loren commercials.

    There has to be a down side to this. The Eloi can not exist without some Morlocks eating them. Yes, there is a down side or my world will implode.

  36. Fascinating article in New Scientist about chimeric twins. It seems that sometimes when a woman has two fertilized eggs, one expanding embryo will incorporate the other by sucking up its cells. Parts of your body won’t be yours, rather, parts would be your brother’s or sister’s. I always wanted to be a twin… but perhaps I ate him.

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