listen up, i’m about to get dope. its ain’t nothin but some shit i wrote.

whazz has been completely confusing today what with odd john wayne contests that were not clear… crazy gun fearing republicans spewing forth their intellectual vomit… and even talk of a new bar opening up with coke sniffing goats.

anyways, i give you all a blank slate.

the topic at hand is rules for this weekends pay per view, and what errrrryone will bring… such as the much needed matress.

78 thoughts on “listen up, i’m about to get dope. its ain’t nothin but some shit i wrote.

  1. time to start a new fight.

    from the onion’s review of Radio:

    “… youngsters still in need of lessons on caring and sharing might like it. Anyone who already knows better than to taunt the disabled, or former oscar winners, should probably give it a pass.”

    Jen, I see why you liked it.

  2. anyone who has ever watched tv with me knows that i intently watch commercials and then criticize the fuck out of them and never buy their product.

    movie previews are the worst. i will literally throw things at the tv in disgust.

    that being said, the radio previews really moved me and just from them, i know cuba is going to at the very least be nominated for this role.

    it looked like an excellent trew trew story and i will probably watch it drunk on country club 40s.


    (if anyone didn’t realize, i am taking jen’s side. kisses.)

  3. Ok, I’ll try a new fight:

    “The high IQ male is typified- no surprise- by a wide range of intellectual interests and abilities. He is ambitious and productive, predictable and dogged, and untrooubled by concerns for himself. He also tends to be critical and condescending, fastidious and inhibted, uneasy with sexuality and sensual experience, unexpressive and detached and emotionally bland and cold.”


  4. 1. I am a man of many fancies. Check
    2. Just fine with whizzing. Nope
    3. I didn’t get my big coke today, but Check
    4. What they said in Lion King, honka my Miata. Check
    5. You missed a coma. Get an editor. Check
    6. Iím a pig- Nope
    7. Come here and let me touch you. Nope
    8 & 9. Whatever, itís not rally that important to me. Check

  5. wow.

    yes, i have a high IQ. according to a dumb web site it was 140. genius level is supposedly 175 and is 1 in a million.

    * ambitious and productive
    i used to be. now i just drink beer and see how fat i can get.

    * predictable and dogged, and untroubled by concerns for himself.
    i am anything but predictable, strike 1. i would agree with dogged and selfless.

    * critical and condescending
    you fucking idiot, how could you think that. i am neither.

    * fastidious and inhibted
    i am extremely fastidious is my purchasing habits but not exactlly over clean. i am not messy either… some healthy place in between. did you just call me inhibited? strike 2.

    * uneasy with sexuality and sensual experience
    hmmm. i am over the top with my sexuality and sensual experience. in a crowd or alone with my lady. i lay pipe like an overzealous city planner. my penis is more than average size, so maybe i am just compensating for uneasyness. never really thought about it, but i disagree. lets call it a pitch over the plate called ball.

    * unexpressive and detached and emotionally bland and cold
    the curve definately gets back on this one. strike 3. i am expressive to the point of being too expressive and attach myself with any crowd that will have me. emotionally i come on all fronts and give you what you deserve… i’m the ms. dash of emotion. not bland at all. i can be cold, but i am not necessarily cold.


  6. fun facts of the day just to get jen to post again. come on darlin, i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.

    some presidential IQ’s…

    147 Franklin D. Roosevelt (D)
    132 Harry Truman (D)
    122 Dwight D. Eisenhower (R)
    174 John F. Kennedy (D)
    126 Lyndon B. Johnson (D)
    155 Richard M. Nixon (R)
    121 Gerald Ford (R)
    175 James E. Carter (D)
    105 Ronald Reagan (R)
    099 George HW Bush (R)
    182 William J. Clinton (D)
    091 George W. Bush (R)

    yes folks the reagan/bush/bush era consists mainly of people below even NORMAL intelligence for their age. judging by the amount of dumbness i have to put up with, NORMAL is on its own pretty fucking bad, and these idiots are BELOW it.

    our current president has the worst IQ in presidential history. clinton had one of the highest.

  7. those numbers were created by looking at all of their standardized test scores and analysis of speeches and responses to questions.

    the only president to have a clinical IQ test done and release it publicly was carter. his actual IQ, 176. so these are pretty spot on.

  8. IQ’s are not necessarily related to one’s ability to be a pratical thinker, leader, or coordinator to general stereotype of what one should be able to do. Adolf Hitler Nazi leader Germany 141 – great leader, not very pratical to kill all jews. Dolph Lundgren Actor Sweden 160 – yeah, he’s goin places. Bill (William) J. Clinton President USA 137 – depends which website you get your facts. John F. Kennedy’ Ex-President USA 117 – almost 60 point difference than madd’s ‘fact.’

  9. i found the same list in more places… these were not real IQ tests. just based on previous education, grades, standardized test scores… after that they looked at every speech, meeting, document that they did without help.

    example: bush has only used 6,500 unique words in office. the average president uses 15,000, and the average person uses over 10,000. e-40 uses upwards of 2 skrillion words.

    also sentance structure and tying sentances together. basically command of the english language.

    a trew clinical IQ test does tell a lot about a person though and is highly accurate.

  10. scott got his facts from this site:

    if you would like, click on their banner ads to get free smileys for your AOL. also you won’t have to dig around any extranious explanation of their methods to find the ads…. there isn’t any.

    fag, i got my shit from a reputable research firm that specializes in such things, and you get yours from a 12 year old girl hawking winky faces on her free aol website. suck a dick, i’m too tite.

  11. that means, its subjective…maybe your websites didn’t like the Bush’s…mother fuck, E-40 be a damn jeanieous. ya did i mean, he keep it don rilla while homogulatin in the valley joe.

    yes, a trew one does give you some insite, but not into all aspects of life. sentAnce structure enhEnces ones ability to formulate jargon.

  12. i didn’t mess up my sentAnce. i was saying to the rest of the world that was my point to fag…aka madd scientist. it should look like this.

    That’s part of my point to Fag (Madd Scientist).

    i too tite for caps

  13. Damn, I tried to start a fight w/ jen, madd stepped in, I tried to fight him, left for class, came back and madd and scott fought in a highly entertaining manner. A+. That is what makes whazzmaster so great.

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