Hi, Rock Chalk

Dear RC,
I know you’re busy and all, but you need to find some time to invent, run and provide prizes for the next whazzmaster.com contest. The prize should be between the plastic racing wieners – bottle of Dom range.

38 thoughts on “Hi, Rock Chalk

  1. I know that I have been CXLed from here, but I knew that this would be the only way you would know about what I saw when returning home this morning at 3:30 a.m. I walked in from a Fri night shift at Montemartre to find Danny, Ross, and Timmer playing what I believed to be Hold’em.
    While going into the shower(to get ready for my 5214Life) Danny can not believe that I am going to work on no sleep, and asks me if I want absinthe. I say yes. . . but decline due to the fact that I need to drive vans all day. I go shower.

    Whiles in the shower, I here a ruckus-a-brewin’.
    Upon returning to the living room, I see that the Saki-sized shot glasses(about two bar shots sized)that were filled with mouthwash-colored liquid, are know empty. Also, Danny is on his celly screaming at Ross. Apparently, Ross took offense at the fact that he lost all of his money, and the fact that Timmer and Danny were laughing at him. At one point Danny had me listen to Ross rant about the 16 whole dollars, and cheating, and Danny being to blame. The real loser here was Fancy Face. She surely could not have been able to sleep, and ever I was fed up with the stupidity of Danny yelling at Ross on his phone at 4:00 a.m. for half an hour, and Ross for being gay(the not straight gay)

    New Rule: Ross + gambling =ok
    Ross + absinthe =ok
    Ross + gambling +absinthe + hulk madd!!

    heart, ewaz

  2. I don’t know what’s weirder:

    A) Ewaz postin’ for the first time since June 28th
    B) Ewaz lecturing on poor sportsmanship

  3. last night i was robbed. i had a good $1000 worth of shit on my person.

    the only thing he took? my $15 fake bling chain.

  4. i heard madd gave up the ack last nite to a bum who said he had real windex in his squirt bottle and wasn’t afraid to use it.

  5. 1. Cincy over KC?! Buh!?!
    2. Packers are on the 1 yd line. How does it go from here?


    3. SurSer tonight at Judd’s house. We were told that if we do frog splashes or flair chops we would be kicked out with prejudice. I have a feeling we will be kicked out.
    4. I got two VMs last night: one slightly intelligable one from Madd and one highly unintelligable one from Scott. As me and Rock Chalk tried to sneak out of the bar so we could go home, Scott told us that if we snuck out he would drive to San Mateo and fuck up my car.
    5. Scientidt pissed in Scott’s kitchen sink. Or tried to. I can’t remember for sure.

  6. 1. yes, suprising
    2. ok
    3. hopefully we will have some fun at the no fun zone tonite
    4. don’t sneak out of bars…i’m just a misunderstood geniouso
    5. hence him receiving a loogie to the dome

  7. 1. ok.
    2. ok.
    3. i don’t feel good.
    4. zach went out with us on saturday? i recall not.
    5. i did not pee in your sink.

  8. Which reminds me, why would anyone keep a clothes hamper in their bathroom, a white one just like the toilet, about 2 ft. hight just like the toilet, with a lid just like the toilet, and then be surprised and very angry when you drunkenly piss in it?

  9. 1. Madd Scientist, what happened to you saturday, are you ok?

    2. Home Monday Night Football game, I’m leaving work at noon. They are retiring Ronnie Lott’s number at halftime, my dad spent $300 to get me a custom made Ronnie Lott jersey to wear to the game. I am spoiled, its great.

  10. DB for the 49ers in the 80ís. The whole 80ís. He was kind of the Urlacher for that decade, except not a well know since the 49ers had some other stars. No one outside of San Fran cares though.

  11. Look people, I know that the holidays are a stressful time of the year, and I know that I cause as many fights as anyone here on whazzmaster.com, but can we please try to make this whazzgiving a peaceful whazzgiving? I’m tired of all the fighting and the petty bickering. It’s like we forgot what whazzgiving even means.

  12. Shut up wirkuswhazz.
    I was just jokeing I do know who Ronnie Lott is. If I didn’t I should shoot myself. Steelers are going to win tonight, and so are the Packers next week.

  13. That’s why I won’t fight with you anymore Wirkus. I am determined not to hate you; it’s hard work. Haha.

    WTF? Ewaz? I thought he had disappeared into thin air, like some Baudelaire freakshow on speed or something.

  14. Wirkus Moneypenny have you played that new PGA whazz machine? They are really nice. More options and better graphics.

  15. “Who is Ronnie Lott? ”


    I think I just had a heart attack.

  16. wirkus: i have not forgot what whazzgiving means. it means drunken fights, insults, and people who can’t handle either. i’m excited.

    marksie: i have played 3 full rounds of PGA tour golf. i liked it. as a whazzer however and future machine owner, i am forced to give you my official opinion…. IT SUCKS.

    SDS: read all the posts before you yell at someone and don’t block 4nyay… he’s just an idiot…. see him for the idiot he is and live with it.

    4nyay: you are an idiot.

    marksie again: if you only knew what we had planned for backyard events at whazzgiving. it will be AWESOME.

    WWE: god damn it, if i picked goldberg i could have gotten zach and scott back. i would have fucked them up too. fuck.

    jen: you post a lot.

    rach-ho: you never post, but call 2 seconds after anyone posts anything about me… i know you lurk 24/7, drop some knowledge.

    4nyay again: yup, me puking.


  17. That’s ok with the money I’m earning a Bonehead Workforce member I can chip in a few penny’s for a new chain…

    so some little hoodlum kid can just rob him again

  18. i hate weakasslittlebitch so much.

    he won some radio contest today for a grand… then said he would rob me with his finger. fucking timmah put him up to it.


    i hate everyone.

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