Time to play the game…

Let’s try this again:

The last whazzer from this list to post “not it” is in charge of inventing, running and providing prizes for the next whazzmaster.com contest. The prize should be between the plastic racing wieners – bottle of Dom range.

The list:
Grand Masta Caspa
madd scientist
S Fitty
Rock Chalk
Old Man
Sourdough Samuel L Jackson

72 thoughts on “Time to play the game…

  1. If a Gay Guy and a Straight Guy race from San Francisco to Los Angeles, who will get their first?

    The Gay Guy… ’cause he’s already got his shit packed!


  2. Zack – my Whazzgiving plans – being almost as newlywed as yourself, we were “randomly” picked by our famil(ies) to host Thanksgiving this year… our plan is to have dinner between 2-3pm, then try to get rid of all those geezers by 8pm where I hope to shoot over to Whazzgiving… I’ll bring High Life Reinforcements.

  3. Words of wisdom from the tards: We are headed towards destruction the same way the “Mongo” empire was destroyed. Yes Mongo, he repeated it.

  4. Tonight I will discover whether the doctor was lying or not when she said “Alcohol is bad for your ulcer” Bring it on.

  5. tonight i will discover whether jen was lying or not when she said “i’ll disconnect my phone if you drunk dial me again” bring it on.

  6. interesting SDS… where will you be partaking in such activities. like mickey mouse always said: dreams can come true.


  7. Fony-yay and Madd The fuckheads
    Drunk dial me again, you’ll be dead!
    You losers be chilling at home all the time
    You wish you had a life as fab as mine!
    Downing cheap beer and butt raping eachother
    That’s almost as nasty as hooking up with scott’s brother
    Hey Ya, watch out for these outcasts
    Hitting the bar up first and leaving (alone) and last
    Bottom line of my sick ass rhyme
    Don’t drunk dial me anymore or you’ll be a part of my crime


  8. whats my favorite word biaaatch? fuck-a-ro
    i heard your house’s name is now buck-a-ho
    too sweet discounts for too sweet me
    fill both your holes, and then fill three
    i’mma bring my jews there and coat you from the chest up
    you’d need a booster chair if you seriously wanna step up
    skrillionaire lifestyle ain’t joke.
    we o so tite.
    step to us and we step back. tru gangstas.
    recognize trick.

  9. why u gotta bring my brotha in toe this
    i didn’t tell errreyone when i was in yo sis
    don’t get madd cuz u sittin at home though
    on the lolo u were sad cuz u didn’t get a message yo
    just starin at my foto enhancin your labido
    hopin we could drank wine by gallo
    hop on the knob & swallow, head bobbin like a pigeon, not a sparrow
    u’s a bay bitch lovin the skrillionaire’s lifestyles
    wonderin if its tru i only use extra large lifestyles
    after i place my drunk dials to ho’s w/in 2500 miles
    skimmin the ho-ladex files, import more ho’s than textiles
    got beezies in piles throwin up 4nyay heils
    u at home takin baby tests & pissin in vials
    when u say don’t call, i hear ‘gimme more drunk dials’
    so expect that shit after bar time
    thats the end of my sicc ass rhyme

  10. hop on ro, use my dick as a hand-o
    officially a threesome with cand-o command-o
    ran out of jimmys but i got a who’ case tho’
    raw dawg your friend ends me up in da hospit-o
    herpes ladden house buck-a-ho not profitab-o
    so you try to get skrill from me and its a no go
    my duckets stay tite like a great whites ass ho’
    stop frontin bitch. you know you gettin called.


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