Hello, everyone! It’s me, Moneypenny… Man of YOUR “Dollars,” and I’m here to talk about some things.

Like this: I played Golden Tee 2004 for the first time last weekend and it sucked balls. They had the PGA machine there too, but I couldn’t bring myself (in good conscience) to put money in the thing. So, getting back to GT 2004 and it sucking balls: yeah, it sucked balls.

In other Golden Tee-related news, Scientist bought a GT 99 cocktail machine, like they had at the Great Dane in Madison. Oh, its-a gonna be great with that thing.

Now, onto a voice-mailed topic: Tivo. GMC left me a VM about SQ (Sean Quealy, dawg, Sean Quealy) wondering about STQs (specific Tivo questions). And thus, here are my answers. If Arlo is watching this, he can chime in too, since he loved it before I ever got on board. But let me make it clear: Tivo is fucking awesome. t lets me watch what limited TV I can stand without chaining me to “time slots” and “commercials”. Fuck a commercial. Those bitches are my bitches now.

[There was a break of about 2 hours between the above paragraph and the next one.]

OK, I’ve already talked on the phone with Sean and he found out what he needed to without my internet help. In the interest of everyone else, though, I figured I’d finish my above thought.

These days I watch only the things that show up on my Tivo and football. Football is on channels that don’t have good reception, so I can’t Tivo them. Everything else, though, is on the Tivo. It’s awesome. I tell Tivo: hey Tivo, the only programs I think are entertaining are on between 11pm-3am. I don’t want to stay up watching them every night. I’d rather watch them from 6-7pm when I get home from work. Do that for me. And it does it for me.

Other times I say: hey Tivo, I like Dave Chapelle. Anytime there’s a movie with him in it, tape it for me, will ya? And Tivo does it.

All in all, Tivo is good. Or god. Or something. It’s also $12.95 per month. Well spent, my friends, well spent.


That hating was a logical seperator between my Tivo thoughts and the words I’m about to type. I figured it was flashier than just a <HR>.

So we’re moving next week into the new place. I’m taking off from work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We get the keys to the place on Friday afternoon. The plan is to get the keys, and make a few trips of non-furniture stuff on Friday night. Saturday we’ll be in Carmel for the Great Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Dinner with everyone from GT. Sunday we will make a few more non-furniture trips. Monday (with all luck) the movers will do their damn thang and move all of our furniture to the new place. Tuesday will be spent (by me) shuttling the last remaining boxes of our belongings to the new house. Wednesday will be spent picking up people from the aeropuerto, shopping for food, and getting drunk. After that it’s anyone’s guess.

Wirkus, when does your plane come in on Wednesday? Jen, when does your plane come in on Wednesday?

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  1. Mario Kart Double Dash came out for the Gamecube today. I scored one and will be playing it tonight. Review to come afterwards.

  2. Cal is Ernie to Greg’s Burt. Just like Madd and Scott’s gay loving union. It’s so special that finally you homo freaks can at least live on the far gay fringes of society.


    I will be returning home to San Mateo this evening, due to the early completetion of (1) Diocese of Monterey audit. Next up: (1) Intevac audit. That is all.

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