39 thoughts on “Psssst, Cal…

  1. hmmm. it seems i have the floor. hmmm. interesting to see meridel posting. she must lurk like madd’s GF.

    LURKERS! we know you are out there! LURKERS!

    more posting less lurking!

    see you at whazzgiving. xo cal

  2. hmmm. seems i still have the floor. well i’d like to talk to you all today about vegetarian whazzing. i know you may not WANT to be a vegtarian whazzer right away but there may be a few things you don’t know. see, you can have just as much fun whazzing with your various vegetables and the fruit family than with any meats you enjoy at the moment. take me, i like to whazz and i also enjoy a good vegetable from time to time. mmmmmm corn… and fruits… mmmmmm. so that’s all i have to say for the time being. just something to think about while you whazz away your day. ok. bye.


  3. dammit! that i am gay declaration was not mine it was an imposter! however the fruit and vegetable talk was indeed mine. so, in summary, gay post= bad faker wazzer, fruit and vegetables= loving straight cal. bye.

  4. ok, i am sorry i had to go bold. back to normal cal. i hope we have a fun whazzgiving and respect our bodies and not eat meat.

  5. You all are so weird. It is like Cal is Gizmo, and a few drops of water later, this site is swarming with Gremlins.


  6. during some of my homoerotic days i like to do drawings, here is one for whazzgiving, disregard the first attempt

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