While I was of course amused by the full Cal blog the other day, it also annoyed me to the point of enforcing logins for users. If you want to post as Jeff Garcia no need to login, but if you want to post as your user name, you’ll have to login. I’ve hopefully fixed the Remember Me system, so once you login you should stay logged in (on that computer) for a year. If it still isn’t working, then I’ll get the Scientist to help me out and get it working.

For those like Scott Fournier who forgot their password, I’m working on a script to email it to you (if you have an email address attached to your account). If there’s no email, you’ll have to create a new user (unless I know you personally, then just give me a call and I’ll reset it for you).

–whazz on

119 thoughts on “CAL

  1. What. The. Fuck. If I see 105 new posts are up, I would think there would be something interesting to read. Sadly, there wasn’t. If you have the ability to fuck up a website, go screw with USA Today’s website or try to embezzle some money. This is why Whazzmaster can’t have nice things.

  2. I know you are just trying to provoke me because you are madly in love with me, but I am a paragon of inner peace, and therefore, cannot be provoked.


  3. interesting…remember this little doosie:

    [Nov 20th, 2003 at 11:56 AM] by Jen (932 posts)

    paragon of inner peace…my ass.

  4. margaret cho was on like larry king or some other bullshit the other day and broke down in tears over gay marriages. i guess dumb bitch o so dyke.

    she could not build a single coherent sentAnce or arguement. it was more painful that usual to listen to that dumb bitch.

    i too hate the one called margaret cho. frank cho tite though. whatever.

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