i got drunk again. who cares.

friday night i played poker and drank until 4:30am… you know, cause i had to get up at 7am and go to stanford for the cal game.

i was drunk by 9am. check your call logs.

i hung out with drunkasaurusrex and brianh from the tucker max board. i don’t remember much.

i went to eat at the tied house and scott showed up to taunt my receeding hair line. i hate him. we ate with a nice family that didn’t appreciate the skrillionaire termanology… i meen, seriously, how else could i describe the game? i think “that was a donkey fucking great time” summed it up perfectly. her kids didn’t seem to agree. fuck them.

boom. pass out.

boom. wake up.

boom. stacker2 and red bull vodkas and i’m golden. cut to tres gringos. drunk. cut to la vic. drunk. cut to sarge. haha, sarge.

the end. 20 hours straight. i need a voice recorder.

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