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  1. Now, now, let’s not try to cheat the system, little boys. This is the real (3 posts). Shame on yourself.

  2. Ug. I woke up this morning on my couch with a empty bottle of champaign between my legs, and my shirt was soaked, and a champaign glass on the floor. I think I have a drinking problem.

    Whazzgiving looked like a success – lots of Plastic clothing, Motercycle Humping, and Tecmo Football till 2am. nice.

    Oh, and I only saw the Scientist’s right nut. twice.

  3. Hello erryone in Cali, etc. It’s Arlo. Long time, no write. Sorry. Anyway, hope ya’ll are having a good whazzgiving. I’m at home, in Raytown, holding it down for all ya’lls who flew off to the west coast. Here’s what you’re missing, in a completely unchronological order:
    1. I went to Best Buy today at 1130… grabbed about 5 items (all for me, of course – it’s too early to start worrying about gifts). I went up to the checkout, and they said that the line started in the back of the store, and wait time was averaging 2 hours for checkout. I handed them my 5 items, said “Fuck that” and left.
    2. Downtown is, like, all nice now. I guess J.Wax has taken it over. Mums and me went to the new RAM (Racine Art Museum) and had lunch at Waves… Mike is good – Grumpy old man server was suprisingly quick and relatively helpful.
    3. Night before Thanksgiving was spent at the Yardarm w/ Pops, and the two or three other people in the bar. Good times were had by all 4 of us.
    4. I just polished off a plate of Chicken tacos from LaTapitia… mmmmmmmmm
    5. My dad called me from Park H.S. on Tue. and said there was a new history teacher there who knew me. He put him on the phone. It was Tony Arndt (I don’t know how to spell it) Anyway, the conversation was incredibly awkward:
    Him: Hey Arlo
    Me: Hey Man. So you’re a teacher, huh?
    Him: Yeah.
    Me: Uh, cool.
    Him: Yeah.
    (30 sec. pause)
    Me: Is my dad still there?

    That’s the news from Raytown. Later.

  4. Wirkus, it’s laura bork from Madison. I’ve stalked you down on this website and am hoping you’re the right mike wirkus (creative writing…david foster wallace fan…). my apologies to anyone who’s not mike wirkus, or if you’re the incorrect mike wirkus.
    bye. just wanted to say hi.

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