its your friendly neighborhood madd scientist

hi. i’m the madd scientist. i rarely capitalize and, on even rarer occasions, i can be found sober. i, of course, think i am awesome. so do you.

i will be available in wisconsin for personal appearence from december 21st through january 4th. have you ever wanted to kick it with the M-A double D? are you the old man and want to leave the wife and kids at home for a taste of the olden days? are you a new roomate in the making with tasty smokey treats? have you ever thought to yourself, “hey, i have a vagina and i would let the madd scientist fill it with whatever he pleased”? if so, and you want to get drunk, then holla at a dolla. my mathimatics are 408-307-9811.

raycilla for life. holla.

66 thoughts on “its your friendly neighborhood madd scientist

  1. uh… HOA, there is a favorable chance that we will get the pay per view for free, but if we don’t, we have no way of ordering it.

    so, HOA, don’t go nutty and plan a party, just cross your fingers and get drunk.

  2. We only asked for names of all ATTENDEES. We don’t care if you’re NOT attending.

    ps. Hey Wirkus, will you be attending?

  3. HOA, you are officially an idiot.


    fucking green party sympathizer.

  4. you jerk madd. anyway suddenly feeling remorse for being mean to jen… very… strange… feeling. sorry for the cheap shots. you were quite a trooper at whazzgiving and put up with wirkus and me. especially wirkus. xo cal.

  5. WOW, lots of hate.hate.hate today. If next week isn’t too late to make some phone calls I will do it, unless we have oficially thrown out the junko limo idea?? I did enjoy both of the plays that went on today on whazzmaster. I do have one question though, Jen, your job doesn’t allow you to make any phone calls? Can’t you pretend like Mr. Kohl wanted you to get him a junko limo in Racine and you need to get price quotes? 🙂
    Also what about looking into the options of paying off younger siblings to do the driving, I personally do not want to be driven into the side of the college inn, maybe the madd schiezer does though. maybe I will rent one of those bike chariots and bike all of you around in pairs of two, it would be good excersize especially if there is a lot of snow.
    whatever, just let me know if I can be helpful, I also will not be in Racine until after work on Friday, about 7 or 8ish.

  6. i like the pay off younger siblings…

    think about it… for each group of 5 we have a private driver (younger sibling)… we all throw $20 at them for a $100 tax free evening. they WILL do it. also, we’ll get to boss them around and call them jeeves, etc. that would be fun.

    junko limos… OUT. junko siblings… IN.

    non bold.

  7. 1. Yes – KID DRIVERS = GFI (great fuckin’ idea) I thought of it years ago, but I never post. Anyway, I like it, but I’m still willing to look into other options… I have a Racine phone book around here somewhere, so if I get any good limo rates, etc., I’ll let people know.
    2. Also, we need an idea of who’s going to be at TDAC ahead of time, no matter what…. if more people show up, that’s great, but they better not try to take my seat on the Kid-Driver-Mobile.
    3. Also, let’s make a schedule of bars, so that we don’t end up just spending 5 hours at Coasters because Jenny runs into Josh Briggs.
    4. Also, there’s a new one – Michigan Bar, down by the lake… nothing real great, but definitely should be on the list.
    5. Also, I love the Green Party, I love Ralph Nader, and I hate haters who STILL complain about him/them. I voted for him, and I’m not still complaining about all of you who didn’t… haters. Fuck errryone but Cal…. just kidding.
    6. With all the hate, how there’s been no battle-rapping lately? Someone say something, so I can retort.
    7. When will Racine people be home? I should be there around the 20th… holla back.

  8. 1. Bellgirl – I can make phone calls, but our office has a nice little “open door” policy, so the boss (who was in all day yesterday) would have overheard me; since I don’t do much work as it is, I try to limit my personal phone calls to zero when the superiors are around. Otherwise I would have been able to call myself. Next time I will be more clear.

    2. Nice, LosDogg, I like Michigan Pub, although it is the new place that could easily be a HS reunion (scary). Also, Josh and I are friends; why are you all such haters?

    3. I’m home from the 24th – evening 27th. Rachel is coming back to Madison with me. Rock Chalk – if you are coming to Madison for Picaresque Day you are invited to my sleepover party if you need a place to stay.

    4. I’ll work on sweet talking my sister into being a driver. Updates as the events warrant.

  9. 1. I like the Kid Driver Idear, however my siblings are all too old for it. Aaron Moneypenny will most likely join us in drinking, and thought my sister is only 20, she will most likely be out drinking with her friends under a staircase somewhere. We need to find a good source of 17 year old drivers who will be dazzled by $100 bills.
    2. Places I want to go: College Inn, Waves.
    3. Places I wouldn’t mind gonig: Michigan Springer Pub, The Yardarm, Marriott Bar.
    4: Places I do not want to go: Hammes’s

  10. ok, my guy lost. he got 47 percent of the vote, but 47 percent of the vote does not a mayor make. what can you do. it rained and people did not show. depressing. thanks to arlo for moral support, also to peterstiffly. My congratulations to Jen, she ran a strong campaign. Fight the power.

  11. what happened to churning the raytown roots?

    i’ll be at hammes’ to laugh at that guy that killed a bunch of kids drunk driving. that guy is funny.

    also i will be at the bank to catch up with all my old QP coworkers. good times.

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