RE: Picaresque Day 2003

So I got a phone call from Grand Masta Caspa last evening and in that phone call he (drunkenly, I think) told me that his goings-away from Wisco party is to be held on Sunday, Dec 28th in Madison. That was the tentative date for Picaresque Day, and as I’m not the type of person to fuck up the shit of another person, I say we move Picaresque Day. We have two options:

1. Saturday, December 27th.

Pros: It’s a weekend so the bars might be a bit more lively (though considering it’s the weekend of xmas I don’t think it would be lively anyways). More people who have day jobs would be able to attend. Post more pros if you can think of any.
Cons: It is the day after The Day After Christmas(tm), which means hangovers will abound. It is the day before Caspa’s Goings-Away Party, so hangovers will abound for that as well.

2. Monday, December 29th.

Pros: We get a day off on Saturday to heal up.
Cons: Rock Chalk and I fly out of Milwaukee the next day, so airplane hangovers will abound. It is the day after Caspa’s party, so hangovers will abound.

I dunno at this point. Anyone have any ideas?

–whazz on

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  1. Good to see ya Paul. I’m drunk and Scientist just went into the closet to piss, pee, or poop. Kyle: nice reference to Optimus. I performed your rap for Scott, Matt, Brian, Judd, Kendric, and Madd tonoight and they LIKED it.

  2. hello?

    (echo)// hello…. hello….

    this is eerie

    i can’t believe all this battle rapping is going on without yours truley… DJ HydRO

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