Mental Note: Do Something Of Worth. Soon.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything of note here. No one seems all that interested in commenting on the past few blog entries, and Old Man went to Asia because he was so bored with what we had to say. Well get the lead out of your rectums, whazzers, because today is an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of good times and great eats (in the Art of writing).

I’ve got a list a mile long of things to write about, but after Thanksgiving and Tha Move and so and so forth, I was exhausted to the point where, when we finally got internet access at home, I just said “fuck it” for about a week straight and did nothing on the site. Yesterday Erin unpacked our office while Scientist and I watched the World Poker Tour: Ladies Night, and finally I have room to sit down, relax, and pound out a damn blog entry. Thank, honey, for all your hard work. It was not for naught.

Due to my seemingly bottomless reserves of laziness, I only posted the first two days of Whazzgiving memories. Fortunately, what never got written wasn’t all that exciting to begin with, so no harm done. Two items of note:

1. On The Day After Whazzgiving, we all went into San Francisco for the day. Wirkuswhazz and bellgirl just wanted to be romantic and hold hands while hobos assailed them from all sides. Rock Chalk and Jen just wanted to go shopping for a few hours. Cal just wanted to show everyone some junko motto on the side of a church in Chinatown. I just wanted lunch. Nearly everyone ended up fighting or angry by the end of the day. It just goes to show you that a day trip with a cast of thousands to Hobo Fantasy Island is not the best way to have fun. We should have scattered into 4 or 5 groups as soon as we stepped out of the car, but alas we were dumb. On the plus side, I got to eat at this fantastic, great, authentic Chinese place that Cal knew about in Chinatown. It was like a dream come true: the dream where I’m hungry as hell and Cal drags me through the front door of some guy’s kitchen, up some rickety stairs to a small, 10 table room where a Chinese man gets angry at me for not knowing what I want.

2. Saturday evening, before we had to drop off Jen at the airport, we went to Palo Alto for some sushi dinner action. Gentle readers of this site will be familiar with the restaurant we went to get our raw fish: Miyake’s. The Disco Sake-Bomb Sushi Restaurant. It was a great time that saw those assembled (Wirkuswhazz, Bellgirl, Jen, Madd Scientist, and Rach-o) do quite a few sake bombs before tearing to a whole lotta fish. When the waier asked me if I wanted sake bombs I said, “No thanks, I’m driving.” He responded, “Oh, you want water then?” “Hell no, I’ll just have beer,” was my response. After we finished dinner we still had about a half hour until we had to go to the airport, so we walked to another bar close to to Miyake’s. It was on this small journey that we all got to see someone who doesn’t make many appearences anymore: STUMBLY WUMBLY JEN! She was in force, stumbling around the sidewalk, punching BMWs that pulled across a crosswalk she was walking in, and shouting to Palo Alto that people from California are motherfuckers. Oh, it was great. Then we drove up to the airport and said, “Here airport, she’s your problem now.” I love dumping my problems on the airports of the world. Jen sat in O’Hare for a while, then threw up, then threw up again, then got mad at some kids for spouting bullshit art/literature/cultural criticism, then she went home to the warm glowing warming glow of Wisconsin. She’s just a simple girl from the country!

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  1. I’m thinkin’ Vegas so far ahead of time because Ross Perry wants to know.

    Plus if we know now, I might ask for a ticket for X-mas.

  2. I just called Aaron Moneypenny. He is in bed with the flu today. There was a lot of grunting and groaning when I was on the phone with him. I told him he needed $280 to catch a flight to vegas on March 18th. He grunted something in response. I told him when he wakes up to come on whazzmaster and get his facts straight so he can come.

  3. OK, I’m leaving for lunch. Play with yourself for an hour or so, wwhazz, and then later on I’ll be back to play some more.

  4. Yesterday I went and watched all three of the Lord of the Rings movies in succession. My knees rusted and my eyeballs bled, but it was awesome. Got to love cushy stadium seating and the Ultra Screen®.

    Great things:
    I got completely drawn into the movies. 10 hours flew by just like that. Artistry, cinematography, style… excellent, not like the new Spielberg/Lucas crap. You felt like it (and more importantly, the actors) was real.

    The music for the films was great. It is still echoing through my head, dootle doo de doo. Although now it is mixing with the themes of Conan, Last of the Mohicans, and various John Williams scores.

    The acting was impressive. As much as I am a fan of Star Wars, I’ll admit that they were a group of suckbots. Alec Guinness must have had to drink himself silly every day after shooting. The cast in Rings was near perfect.

    I normally hate the little funny things they stick into movies, crappy one liners that even third graders are too embarrassed to repeat on the playground. This movie made me laugh… and cry. Poor Smeagol.

    Suckbot things:
    Crying babies and old women. There were times when I wanted the Dark Lord Sauron to cover Middle-Earth with darkness until the end of time just so those fucking brats and whining old douche-bags would get slaughtered and finally shut the hell up.

    This is my biggest beef with the movie. What in the hell happened to Saruman? I can see leaving out trivial people (Tom Bombadil doesn’t advance the plot), but this!?! There was a big play up through the first two movies and then in the third they just said fuck it, we had him in Two Towers, that’s enough. Give me Sharkey you fucking Kiwi loving bastard!

    Wilhelm count:
    7, but I’m sure I missed some.

  5. damn a lot of whazzing going on today…

    RE: the judd, matt, scott “split off”. dumb.

    RE: lord of the rings, i’m seeing the new one tonight. i have never seen the first 2.

    RE: peterstiffly. i think it’s funny too. even though me and peter had our beef i would never wish baldness on anyone. cause there’s no coming back from that.

    RE: wirkus. don’t beg for whazzing. go outside, find something whazz worthy and whazz it. you must make your own whazz.

    RE: vegas. IN.


  6. Eenteresting day of whazzing.

    1. I’ve actually heard good things about the LoTR movie, even from people who didn’t necessarily like the other two.
    2. Wirkuswhazz: perhaps a weekend trip to Lake CHarles could be arranged sometime in late Jan/Feb or late April/May timeframes.

  7. G.M.C., i started playing poker again last night and won a cool $165 in about 2 hours. the tables are as easy as ever. i understand that you possess an upper middle class poker skill. let me refine it, and you could just play poker for money, and then do party marketing at nights for fun and extra profit.

    life will be simple.

    also, strictly for testing purposed, i got 100% baked before i played, and still tore shit up.

  8. I will play the shit out of some poker.

    And on a side note

    I AM GRADUATED!!! (I think) Let the drinking commmence

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