*Cough, Cough*

There’s only two things I hate: the current political discourse in America, and coughing up blood. Lately I’ve been hating the latter much more than the former, however. It’s been one long week of hell for me with this sickness, and I’m just about ready to go to the doctor now.

Getting back to work is about as good as something like that’s gonna be. Every day I look forward to 5pm when the whistle blows outside of my office and I can slide down a brontasaurous tail to my car. When I arrive at home I’m always in for a nice surprise of Scientist getting high and GMC and Erin making dinner. This groove is starting to take on an amazingly rut-like appearance. I’ve made an executive decision to switch things up a bit starting this weekend:

1.) Go out on Friday and/or Saturday night. GMC’s first weekend in Cali would not be complete without a celebratory night at the Cinnabar.
2.) Starting Monday night, get back into playing league basketball. Who cares if we win or lose? Not me. I just want to run around and be not fat.
3.) Get back into the gym and get diet back to “Not Just Pizza and Taquitos” mode.
4.) More fruit. More veggies.
5.) More sushi for lunch.

Remember my resolution about getting to work before 9:30am? Yeesh. That ain’t gonna happen. I hereby retroactively dismiss it.

We received our last load of gifts that we shipped to ourselves from Wisconsin today. The heart does a flippity-flop every time the heart receives such awesome-in-the-face-of-God boxes as ones filled with bedsheets, a glass plate, and no less than 10 candles, infused with the very essences of elves and singing bass fish themselves so as to convey their magical contents. I like to receive gifts. I like EVEN more, perhaps by a factor of 10 to 12, to receive good gifts. I wish I had received the Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD for xmas. The mooninites rock.

Yesterday at Best Buy, while perusing the aisles of useless shit, I found something that stood out among the shit: Tenacious D: The Complete Masterworks. It has a live concert on it, plus ALL of the HBO episodes, plus all the music videos, plus a bunch of other psycho fan shit. If it had Heat Vision & Jack it would be the greatest DVD ever pressed, but even without it comes close.

–whazz on mamacitas

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  1. The Atkins diet is the craziest thing that there possibly is. A person is required to cut out healthy foods (vegetables, fruits, dairy) in exchange for a free license for gluttony with certain high fat/high protein foods. IMO it is just another example of how Americans are losing all self control. No longer is successful weight loss the result of healthy lifestyle habits (excersize & healthy eating), but of short term risks that do not teach a person about good choices and restraint.
    I can guarantee that if you work out for an hour a day, 3-5 days a week, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, that you will lose weight.
    The sickest thing about the Atkins diet that I’ve seen is on the 20/20 Weight Loss challenge where 6 people each tried a “diet”. One scene was the fat man sitting in his car in the McDonalds parking lot with about 4 quarter pounders. He took the bun off of each burger and stacked the meat and cheese together (ordered w/o ketchup of course) and stuffed his face while proclaiming what genius the Atkins Diet was.

    That shit is gross.

  2. 1. Wrestling fans, someone tell me why the hell Brock Lesner is jobbing to Hard Core Holly.

    2. People who only talk about losing weight, get a fucking life.

  3. I was the healthiest person around. I died of a massive heart attack while I was jogging. Why, because it was my time.

  4. wow, zach – you should be proud. it seems the latest thread fashon has evolved from digressing into dirty porn talk to atkins. haven’t we beat this bush enough?

  5. Madd came in today looking especially GHEY.
    Fruity silk shirt and a new hair do.

    I occured to me with all the large women he get’s after, (mainly cause the thin ones don’t dig him) that my new name for him is:

    The Wisconsin Whaler

  6. “The Atkins diet is the craziest thing that there possibly is. A person is required to cut out healthy foods (vegetables, fruits, dairy)”

    Wow whoever posted this (probably 4nyay) is supremely dumb and doesn’t do any research before talking. Atkins requires you to eat about twice as many vegetables as the average american eats daily. Also you can eat all the cheese and cream you want, which is dairy. and you can have berries which are fruit.

    Do your homework before posting what you hear on the news that’s usually wrong.

  7. Again:
    1. Wrestling fans, someone tell me why the hell Brock Lesner is jobbing to Hard Core Holly.

    2. People who only talk about losing weight, get a fucking life.

  8. Wirkus-
    Here’s my take on the wrestling scenario.
    1. Bob Holly’s brother (Crash) recently died automatic push for bob because he’s been loyal to the WWF.
    2. Brock has to job to Bob because it is bob’s hometown and see point above.

  9. 1. sds, i do my homework so i don’t look like an ass; hence, it did not come for me. my factual comments can never be doubted cuz they’re always right.
    2. fuckin shit GMC, they weren’t really brothers. it was made up for tv. i thought more of u than that. stevie richards was more of a brother to crash than bob; hence, his mild push on raw. i think crash actually died in stevie’s home.
    3. wirkus, i was gonna let zach answer that since he’s more into smackdown storylines than myself. my humble opinion is that bob has been loyal to the company & there is actually tension btwn brock & bob stemming from a match they had that resulted in bob’s neck needing surgery. bob is a hardworker & very tough, but he won’t come out on top for the ppv. u gotta sell stuff every once in a while or else its dumb. that was the eventual down fall of goldberg. yeah it was kewl that he crushed all the jobbers, but then what do u do w/ his character.

  10. I understand they weren’t really bros. It was suppose to be funny. But your explanation closely resembles to what I also believe to be true

  11. sorry gmc, you’re funny. i was too serious. my apologies to one & all. i am sorry. i wish there was a sarcastic font dammit.

  12. I also am belligerently certain that I am the smartest person on the planet, despite evidence to the contrary.

  13. Why is it sexist if I have an SI Swimsuit calendar on my desk, but I can have my MSN on my computer with a constant assortment of bikinis advertising Atkins and dating?

  14. what the fuck did u say? thats just not right. have both, fuck everybody. they shouldn’t be so concerned about what others do. punch them in their nosey face if they question u.

  15. hi, my name is…hi, my name is cal…wirkus what…wirkus what, shut up gurl & lemme put it in your butt.

  16. I enjoy the thought that Wirkus would spell it like “gurl”. He’s got and supports the use of Gurl Power!

  17. don’t be scurred. NOt only did they offer me a position, but they upped the ante and offered me a position above what I was applying for.

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