According To My New Doctor…

I’m not dead! Apparently it was a viral infection that left me with a residual cough. It may be a bacterial infection on top of that, so he gave me a prescription for it.

I posted my review of Mario Kart Double Dash. Read it, live it, love it.

Scott: if you want to go to Vegas in March, you need to get together with me and Madd and we’ll discuss things.

Meeting time: boo-yah and out.

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20 thoughts on “According To My New Doctor…

  1. Madd doesn’t remember anything from saturday. The only thing he remembered was that he had a leftover jumbo jack in the fridge that he wanted to eat on Sunday.

  2. 4nyay & Madd should buy a one way to Vegas. 4nyay can pimp both his red velvet shirt and Madd.
    This idea is genius.

  3. fuckers, i think my roommate and I are throwing a super duper bowl party. Keep an eye out for invites. Madd, you will be required to wear you’re Old School attire. I’ve got a lot of my girlfriends asking to see that skit you did, *Live*!


  4. I need expert advice.

    Good news: I have an Xbox for the next two months.
    Bad news: The wife does not want me to own an Xbox.

    While my friend is in Hawaii, he has left his Xbox in my possession. Whatsername thinks that I should not have one because of my compulsive behavior patterns. She is probably correct. So now I can demonstrate that Microsoft will not rule my waking hours. The catch- if I never use it, she will say I donít really need to get one of my own when this temp Xbox has to go home.

    So how often should I play to demonstrate that it is worthwhile to have one, but that it has not addicted me like crack?

  5. hey yo suggestion box guy. i’m going to be moving to vegas during the summer anywayz. i’m gonna rent a trailer for that so i won’t need a one-way ticket, but i will set up shop & when u visit i will pimp u out. its all gravy baby.

  6. I had the same issue, old man.

    Only play it after she has gone to bed or when she is not there. only offer once or twice the whole time to play with her. This will show her that
    a) you respect her and wont play in front of her
    b) you are responsible enough to restrict your play
    c) you respect her and wont play in front of her

    then you can burn all her arguements about you having one:
    A: you didn’t play it enought R: I played every night
    A: you play it all the time R: I only play it when you’re not around

    Then, once you own it… you can slowly phase in 1) only playing in front of her when friends are over 2) only playing after dinner 3) playing all the time, thus wrecking the marriage.

    It’s flawless.

  7. ro’s right, what the fuck is wrong w/ you two. you guys sound like scurred lil’ skewl girls who just transferred skewls and are afraid of the new class bully. if your bitch doesn’t understand the xbox, then maybe she’s not the bitch for you. the marriage should have never have happened.

  8. as usual memories come back in spurts….

    1) yes, judd mentioned me bumping into you, after that i remembered it all.

    2) zach mentioned jack in the box, again i somehow remember that i put a yumbo yack away for safe keeping. fuckers.

    3) i am not a lightswitch. the funny does not turn on and off at your will. the costume will NOT be rocked to your party. however, i will rock the costume at MY party and invite all your friends. hahahahahahahaha. this is what we in the pimpin game call “leverage”. holla.

  9. Ro yes I was out on sat at the cinabar. Madd obviously was drunk and forgot about the other 3 of us inside.

  10. I think it would be funny if Madd WAS a light switch that I could turn on and off. I would install a dimmer, though, so I could have various degrees of Scienteezy.

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