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  1. Ok, whazz, whazz, whazz.

    I want to really learn poker. Who should teach me, Madd or Raj or a combo or other? So far we’ve had 5 tournaments of 4-8 ppl and I’ve won 2, got second 1 and pissed my pants and lost 2 for a net gain of 100$. Is on-line a good place to play? One of you should call me.

  2. Wirkus- I would suggest getting a book on poker and keep playing. I’m sure Madd and Raj will tell you the same thing (It is a little known fact that I am better than both of them). The key is knowing how to read and play your opponents and also when to fold. Everyone has their own style so read about the hands and the statistics of the hands and keep playing at the same time (Raj has just agreed with me).

  3. 10-4.

    What books should I get? I read/understood a solid 20% of the Texas hold em sections of Phil Helmuth’s book. Should I keep reading it or move on to something else. I sort of like it, but his blahering on about the 2001 Poker Championship is annoying as is his use of !’s at the end of everyother sentence. Otherwise I like it and, so far just playing a lot and being patient is helping. What is the GMC/Raj/madd take on on-line poker?

  4. Besides playing eros, timmer, danny, ross and sean all the time, who can I play?

    Should I call Aaron Moneypenny and join his Joey league of Poker or is that a dumb idea that will result of me being stomped (literally and figuratively) by a Racine gangsta?

  5. Raj,
    Imperial Palace for 260$ for Friday and Saturday night: should we book it? Otherwise 320$ for the Flamingo. If it’s less than 100$ a person, I’d rather stay somewhere nice than stay at a shithole with an extra 22$ in my pocket.

  6. i think judd is a good consultant when it comes to rooms in vegas. we’ve tended to either go to monte carlo or venetian in the past. both are nice w/ food courts & restraunts. also, they are centrally located on the strip. another plus w/ monte carlo is that there is a pool w/ a lazy river. march should be nice & warm enough to utilize it. also, prices were reasonable & everyone got to sleep on a bed at both places.

  7. wirkus,

    1) books you need: “texas hold’em for advanced players” by sklansky and malmuth. also maybe “the theory of poker” by sklansky, but that is not as crucial. “winning low limit hold’em” by lee jones is good too… he’s a friend of a friend and knows his stuff. “tournament poker for advanced players” by sklansky is good too. reading all this shit just steps you up from “newbie” to “player with book smarts”. “player with book smarts” is easy to beat by “player with books smarts and practice”… so don’t think that books=winning.

    2) figure out what you are good at and milk it. i personally am good at fast played low limit games with lots of players, and lots of action. I am also good at limit touraments. some people i know can’t win in those games, but will destroy me at a short handed game or no limit. if you figure out your weaknesses, either avoid them or practice.

    3) online is awesome. i am going to be playing tonight. if you want to simply watch and i’ll explain what i’m doing, thats fine… but i sit for long periods without playing hands. some of my friends can go to a live poker room and come out with money more often than not… those same people always lose online. my theory is that you just have to feel the rhythm of the game, and they couldn’t get into the rhythm online. online is better because of 3 things:

    a) it’s cheaper. the rake will be $1 or less on most hands. at the casino it is $3. also, on winning pots you don’t have a dealer to tip and that will save you $1 or 2.

    b) it’s faster. just starting out you only want to play group 3 hands or better probably. waiting for those you’ll get 1 every 15-20 hands or so…. at the card room that is once an hour. online that could be 4 an hour. basically you won’t go nutty waiting for a hand and start playing poor hands.

    c) it’s safer/easier. you know no one is cheating, and you know no one is waiting outside to get their money back. also you don’t have to drive to some dump or someone else’s house that probably cheats.

    if you are going to play online, let me help you set up your account… that way i get a percentage of the rake on every hand that you win.

  8. soooooo…i went to a lil bar called jonny v’s this past saturday. it’s somewhat similar to cinebar, but not as hole in the wallish. anywayz, can anybody tell me why they know me by name there? i swear man, so many places feel like cheers to me & i don’t even know why.

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