Bust a Move

Grant Thornton had a holiday party this weekend. It was pretty great – in the city, right on the Embarcadero – and the whole crew came out. Eight of us started out the evening drinking some vodka & red bull and some Jack & coke in the hotel room. Before we even get to the party, we’ve got belligerent Zach on our hands. “Put me at a table with a partner! I want to sit with the partners!”

We arrive at the party and commence real drinking. More vodka & red bull, more Jack & coke, and now some wine. “Would you like red or white?” “Umm… both?” Enter: karaoke contest. Bust a Move was a hit. Sabrina did the backup vocals. Zach, you’ll have to tell this part a little better. When people were dying at the mic, Zach did a run-in to help them out. One of my friends came up to me and asked, “What does your husband do for a living? He is in the wrong profession. He could be a rapper.”

One of the managers then decides to have an after-party at his house. I didn’t see his wife much that night, but I guess maybe people disappear when their spouses go crazy. I was in a fighting mood, and I was trying to get one of the guys to punch me so I could punch him back, but he wouldn’t. My tiny friend Amelia punched me though, and so I punched her instead. I hope I didn’t hurt her too badly. Apparently after we left, Stephen and John were wrestling around and knocked a picture off the wall. Pretty fun. Pretty fun.

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  1. Thanks for the posting Rock Chalk, it’s always nice to see the wife involved with my pasttimes, no matter how retarded and nerdy they are.

    Yeah, Saturday night was fo shizzle. After my performance I got to meet some Harris guy who is apparently in charge of the whole West Coast GT operations or some such nonsense. He congratulated me on my mic skillz and then asked who I was here with. I pointed to Erin and said, “my wife, Erin.” Erin, upon seeing me blathering at the most senior person in attendance, rushed over to make sure I wasn’t trying to sell him shares in my penis-growth company or asking him to promote my wife to “Head Beancounter”. When she arrived he turned and basically said, “and you arrrrrrreeeeee?”

    Yeah, I did a run-in on You Sexy Thang but only because everyone wanted to dance but couldn’t with two people mumbling to themselves into the mic. I just ran up and started shouting out the only part I knew: “I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! WHERE YOU FROM? YOU SEXY THANG! (YOU SEXY THANG YOU!)” The crowd seemed overjoyed.

    Afterbar was pretty good, if only to see who amongst the gathered accountancy could really drink (and then keep drinking) and who just pretended to drink (and then passed out or threw up).

  2. Just so Timmah doesn’t break up my marriage, the “retarded and nerdy” referred to my pastimes, not my wife’s participation.

    Also, sorry Wifey but I left my wedding ring by the sink this morning. Just wanted to let you know in advance so you don’t come home and think that I ran out on you overnight.

  3. My favorite part of the evening was hearing a Sr. Manager tell a partner “We need to hire this guy” right after Zach finished doing Bust A Move.

    Also upon first seeing Zach at the party, his first words to me “Hey! It’s 7:30 and I’m drunk” Awesome

  4. dude that cal star guy is a faker. don’t belive the hype. i would like to rant las vegas. one las vegas rant coming up.

  5. dude that cal star guy is a faker. don’t belive the hype. i would like to rant las vegas. one las vegas rant coming up.

  6. Peterstiffly-If you are reading this right now, you are supposed to be at work! Honestly, who has a cell phone with no voicemail. Anyway, call us…because we can’t get a hold of you & this is my last ditch effort!

  7. Kristi, I order you to take a break and come meet me in the backroom for your ‘bonus.’ I will see you there promptly.

  8. John, do you smell that stank on Kristi? Oh yeah, that’s just a lil Sexual Chocolate stank and its o so sweet.

  9. G.M.C. left madison in good hands…

    needing to fill his 2 jobs he got his good friend kyle and a go getting up and comer to take over for him.

    things are going greeaaaaaat.

  10. oh yeah and it looks gangsta (minus the pictures of gangstas that are still to be purchased)

  11. maaaaaaad,
    I think I will add “reinstantiation” to my list of crazy non-words I use in conversation. Other words I like to use include “electronical, cinematographic, and costed”. Did you mean to say reinstatement?

  12. Wirkus & Bellgirl: A+ pick for La Fuente in Milw. It’s not just a mexican restaurant, but a virtual labyrinth of rainbow margaritas, drunk people falling down stairs and waiters with baskets of tortilla chips that just keep coming like water pail carrying broomsticks in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.”
    Viva Mexico…y Milwaukee.

  13. 1. In case anyone’s bored: http://www.politicalcompass.org/

    I’m like totally the same political leaning as the Dalai Lama. Who knew? I think my economically conservative, free trade-isms balanced my socially loose philosophies. I know this has been around for a long time, and most of you have seen it before…

    2. Zach – I was at my kickboxing class and I thought of you right after I had the thought: I should have been a ninja. Remember when you and Paul were obsessed with ninjas?

  14. Erin, I’m sorry, but I will be intoxicated this evening for the premier of Season 2 of Chappelle’s Show. Forgive, my sweet.

  15. 1. I am Nelson Mandela.
    2. I don’t have cable.
    3. Great game of beer-pong coupled with Ja:ger shots last Saturday. Set for rematch this Saturday.
    4. The First Amendment… what’cha gonna do!
    5. Everyone have a happy Mr. Bojangles day?

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