epic gambling surrounds thugg mansion

in a somewhat odd $500 swing, zach went from being in the hole $200+ to be sitting in a $100 buy in heads up tourney with the scientist to go up $300+ on the night.

we have a problem.

after a 45 minute battle royal where pit falls and submissions DO NOT COUNT, the scientist with AJd called an all in preflop raise by zach with A9o. the 9 never came.

the scientist is o so tite.

well zach, you still went to bed with 100 lil’ washingtons to fluff up your nighty night time pillow. good show.

also, scat update, i made it to the boss on level IV. this time i think it is the last guy, but i am probably most certainly wrong.

poo poo pa choo.

in taint news, mine smells. this is because i am fat. also due to a love of bacon and gopher racing. a grown man does not die.

are we gigglin? er?

in keyboard news letters are up big while special characters are obscured with a shift necessity. racial equality is on the forefront.

the queen of england might be able to help the jews.

VCRs are cool, but not sam malone cool.

i think if 2 pac was alive today he would spell his name twopac… just because, you know, Xpac was taken. also, elvis would be called earl.

if corn could feed 2 midgets for a week, then what could a zoolywhacker do for chicken? what about chicken sticks? where do they fall in the pyramid of dopplehangers? somewhere in the middle? somewhere slightly off center? africa?

if a butt makes poop, and urine is yellow, then why all the attitude? seriously… if a helper monkey can wax a chevrolet, then a yelping flunky can dance in the hay. hey hey.

we. are. the. monkeys.

15 thoughts on “epic gambling surrounds thugg mansion

  1. 1. Um. OK? Who are you and what do you want from us?
    2. I spent all day being a good citizen and helping poor people file their taxes for free. In all of my years I have to say that I harbor intense resentment for loud, obese, dirty white people. Is it possible that you could wash that flannel, knock that chip off of your shoulder and wait until I am finished what I am doing to interrupt me? Christ.

  2. I think it is almost time for whazzmaster.com virtual poker night on pokerroom. We had a little tourney during the superbowl. The winner? F to the ancy face. 2nd? Bellgirl. First person out? Me.

    But it was a bad beat. Holding pocket kings, I raised like madd pre flop. Lynn calls. The flop comes 3-6-7. I raise it big. Lynn calls. The turn is a 4. Lynn checks. I raise. At this point almost all my chips are in the pot. The river is another 3. Lynn checks. I “all in” my last five chips. Lynn calls and turns up a 5-J off suit. I lose, and then to add insult to injury, I )no kidding) almost poop my pants because of all the high life I drank at Sean’s going away party last night.

    whazz in.

  3. Jen why are you so high on your self. Your such a gissip bitch and a loud mouth. If you don’t know things about peoples live for fact just SHUT IT. F’n bitch
    Guest OUT

  4. A) If someone has a problem with me, they can identify themselves and we can deal with the problem in an adult manner, instead of throwing around poor grammar and insults.
    1 – your self: commonly and correctly referred to in English as “yourself”.
    2 – “Your such…”: unfortunately an adjective such as the word “such” cannot be possessed, therefore we will all assume that you meant “you’re”…as in you are.
    3 – gissip: I can only assume that this word is the misspelled version of “gossip.”

    B) I’ll bet anyone any money that Guest is Marksie.

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