So What I Lost At Craps

Oh yeah, Scientist? I didn’t want those chips anyways. Joe’s Casino be jank. The stickman always farts and Scientist is high on PCP when you want your payout. Plus he frowns when you thrown behind the neck, behind the back, or between the legs. The limits are low so that Joe can take your money and you can’t win it back.

Don’t ever drop the dice while winding up for a throw; the Highh Scientist doesn’t like it when you do that. You know what he does like, though? He likes when you drop $200 to him.

Vegas is gonna be awesome. If I lose all my money the first day then I’ll just sleep in a corner for the rest of the time. $1000 on black? You know that, jack. Boobs, strippers, hos? Hell no. I’m married. All I want in Vegas is to come home with $15,000. All I need is one mega run at craps, and maybe putting $7,500 on black in roulette. Do not fuck with me Vegas, for I am your gambling doom. I demand nothing short of a free bird show, a free waffle breakfast, and crotch rot.

I forgot to say that the one good thing about Joe’s is Sunday Topless Night where all the dealers and stickmen go topless. Still lots of farting, though.

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137 thoughts on “So What I Lost At Craps

  1. whoa the relationship scientist will be making another visit. I am so scared.

    Oh yeah I have another job interview on monday. Prince of Persia here I come.

  2. YO: this pussyfooting by the Scientist must come to an end. Missing the No Way Out PPV and now missing VEGAS!? FUCKING VEGAS??? R U JOKIN ME? How the mighty have fallen.

  3. i hear he’s too much of a pussy to go to BS2 this friday also. i didn’t realize his new year’s resolution was to constantly be the wearer of the no fun sombrero and put on a skrillion pounds.

  4. there is a party with 200 people about 25 miles away tomorrow night. they throw the party every month and last month naked women were dancing errrrywurrrrr.

  5. so what’s your point….you’re gonna be home high on pcp lubing up your hemmoroids & jerkin off to gay midget porn anywayz

  6. Yo,
    Just played 2 30$ tournaments. I got a 4th and a 2nd. I’m pretty happy with that, esp when you consider that I’ve been playing poker for less than one month. My account is now +44$. Getting 2nd was kinda weird. The game was going really fast and I felt pretty confused during the whole end game. The last hand I had 9,8 suited. The turn came up 9, junk, junk, so I had top pair and I raised. Dude called, and the turn was nothing. I only had like 100 chips left so I raised and he called. The last card was a Q and he ended up having Q,nothing and the winner with 2Q’s beating my 9’s.

  7. fuck dude, has anyone seen the 2 headed baby from the dominican republic? to me, thats way fucked up, especially since the top head is growing faster than the ‘normal’ head. the parents still look over-joyed w/ their baby…wow. its freaky. they don’t teach you how to deal w/ that type of shite in skewl.

  8. Six tickets have been purchased for the 9:40pm showing of Barbershop 2: Return of the Barbershop at AMC Mercado. Pre-party at Thugg Mansion, homies. Y’all can see Scientist with his shirt off dealing craps.

  9. due to the riduculous amount of “fucked-up shit” that has been laying around, splattered, spilled, dropped, left behind, soiled, misplaced, and half-finished I decided to clean ThuggMansion. Someone besides me is in charge of the dishes. I would also like to say this, Damn it Erin if you ever leave the house a mess like this again, I’m going to call your boss and have him force you to work longer days/nights. You are such a slob. (here is where i would put a little smiley face with puncuation marks if i was gay)

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