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I’m working from home today because the mover’s are moing my whole group to a new building at work and since they’re slow as shit it’ll take all day. So far I’ve had a nice, leisurey morning of reading the internet and playing poker. I hit my first straight flush ever, and only made about $10, but at least I can say I’ve done it. I went to Bay 101 last night to play some real poker and at one point had my nut flush fucked in the ass by a straight flush to the tune of about $50. That was not fun, so I guess karma came back my way this time.

Lately I’ve been just barely hanging on at I’ll play well for awhile and get up to around $60 on 1-2 before going over to 2-4 and getting bad beat by some lunatic back down to $10 where I have to start all over again. The good thing, however, is that playing with live people actually re-energized me as far as playing goes. I was getting sick of playing sterile online poker where you have no interaction. The flip side is that you don’t have to sit at a busted down table where, when you lean on the rail, all of your 120-odd chips fall on the floor and you look like a goof. I had a bunch of small losses and a couple of big wins, and ended up down $40 on the day. That’s not bad considereing I was down $200 at one point.

GMC has found a job, but I don’t think he’s let everyone on here know yet. I’ll let him post a Very Special Blog Entry by Ryan Casperson to give you guys the whole story. The only problem is that his job is from 7am-7pm and it’s located about 30-45 minutes away… and he’s currently sick. I don’t think he’s been checking whazzmaster as often as he’d like.

Rock Chalk: I command you to make a blog post AS Evil Erin. I think that would be hilarious.

I made reservations at Paolo’s in San Jose for me and wifey on Saturday night. I haven’t had good Italian in quite a while (for some reason, as excited as people are to go to sushi, indian, persian, and mexican food out here they never want to eat at a nice Italian place). I’m hyped for it, and it does come highly reccomended by fuddruckus. I’m looking forward to A GOOD TIME/ROMANTIC AS HELL evening on Saturday.

Jen has been corresponding recently from May-hee-ko, where she posts all day drunk on margaritas and while being sodomized by a mexican doctor. All in the name of MEDICINE, ladies!

The more I think about Wirkus’ suggestion of a Playmakers-style show revolving around a mythical wrestling federation, the more interested I am. That would be one fucking cool concept, even if the meta-ness of it would blow most casual wrestling fans’ minds. Imagine not only going to the backstage area, where supposedly “real” things are happening, but to the “turn off” the cameras and see what REALLy happens behind the scenes. In the season opener the main event star would break his neck in the ring and get put on the shelf. The first season would then revolve around the backstage struggles of everyone to deal with a.) the fact that the star of the promotion is paralyzed now, and b.) who will take his place? Good shit, all of it. Wirkus, call Hollywood now and pitch this to them. Just call anyone in Hollywood.

Old Man: what is it like when Jen H. is not around to run around the office and yell about po white folks asking her tax questions? More relaxing, or less entertaining? You have to pick between those two choices.

That’s it for now. Holler back.

–whazz on

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  1. Har har har! It’s so funny! I’m laughing my ass off because Bud Selig is talking on my website! It was funny when it happened a couple of times a thread, so now when all the thread is this shit I’m in fucking fits! It’s just so damn funny!

  2. damn you bud selig, you ruined WM and the brewers.

    zach if u get some time, write your rant. i want to see your points. i’m suprised wirkus hasn’t chimed in on this yet also.

  3. well…

    there are several ways to make money in baseball; one way is to be like bud and play business instead of ball; another way is to be like george and win championships which ultimately bring money; shit, no one bought a funkin tampa bay jersey until they won the superbowl…fuck, they weren’t even on tv ever either; point is, it is not fair to hate the yankees cuz they chose to assemble a championship team; i mean, if you hate the yankees cuz they are greedy, you gotta hate the brewers too; if you hate the yankees cuz they win, then u are a jealous bitch; if you hate the yankees cuz they have deep pockets…don’t, at least they spend money; madd has deep pockets and spends no money…we hate him right? just kidding dogg; enuff said…

    like scott said, brush the haters off!


  4. Wow. Lots of whazzing. I’m going to try and make some coherent points for Zach’s sake. First of all, the Yankees do spend money and usually spend it wisely. However, they have a lot more of it to spend. The Yankees payroll is going to be about $200 million dollars next season while the Minnesota Twins is going to be about $40 million. The Yankees margin for error on personnel decisions is much greater. If the Yankees take on A-Rod’s contract and he hits .189 for the next three seasons, they can afford to get rid of him and eat his contract. If the Kansas City Royals were in the same situation, they would be fucked for the next seven years, because there is no money left over. The reason the NFL is awesome is all TV money, merchandising, etc. from all the teams goes into the same pot and gets split equally among the 32 teams and each team gets to spend the same amount on total salary each year. Therefore Green Bay (about 100,000 people) can compete with New York (a lot more than 100,000). I’m more pissed with Major League Baseball’s economic structure than any individual team.

  5. 1. I’m back from the warmth of Mayheeco and back in the blistering cold of Wisco. I evaded the curse of Moctezuma, which I think just adds more evidence to the fact that I really am latina (or was living with a hyper cautious overprotective doctor). I’d like to assume that I really am latina.

    2. Mayheeco was great for a number of reasons, one of them being the fact that I got a pirated copy of the Britney Spears “In the Zone” CD for 10 pesos = 90 cents. I told Jesus it was the best 90 cents he ever spent on me. Mayheeco was also great because I discovered my new favorite food: chilaquiles. It’s a big mess of soggy tortilla strips, lots of cheese, chicken and salsa and more cheese. Lastly, Mayheeco was great because whenever Jesus was on call I was free to drink tequila and mexican beer all day and wander around drunkenly shopping.
    My favorite tourist spot: the Chapultepec castle – in case anyone was interested.

  6. Definitely less entertaining which is why I chose not to come to work for the last two weeks, but now that she is back, so am I. Now it is time for riveting discussions about the moral and ethical dilemmas of relationships, liberal politics, and looking pretty.

  7. i see what you’re saying stiffy. i can’t argue that they spend a lot, but steinbrenner’s been building his team for about 30 years now. he never had a payroll of $200 million in the 70s. also, his keeps going up cuz other teams do too. look what happened to the dumb rangers too, they had no money to do shit & they finished last the last 3 years. they could have had at least 4 all stars at over 5 million each, but they wanted arod & blew their wad at once. i don’t think the NFL’s economic structure would work as good in the baseball world, its too far gone.

    how do u feel about european soccer where they can loan their players out?

  8. sports should be based on capitalistic ways…like baseball….having caps n shit is crap; we might as well cap big business, cap politics, cap dat ass….

    this is america, get rich or die trying

    sports is america

    and no one ever says, ‘hey, let’s go for equality among militaries; we should only spend 100 million each and may the best country win’


  9. who would you rather have on your team…Arod & enrique wilson or Aaron Boone & alfonso soriano? at this point, the arod trade is blown out of proportion cuz texas owes him so much money. they yanks will pay him less than they pay jeter anywayz. unless they do something w/ second base, this trade isn’t that big of a deal.

  10. You mother fuckers.

    1. As I already said: the arod trade don’t mean shit. The Yankee’s lost too much pitching. They are fucked and I am happy.

    2. I’m with stiffly on this one. NYC = a big fucking city = a lot of fucking money. If you want to watch the Yankee’s on TV you need to subscribe to the PPV Yankee network. All of the $ that they make selling their stupid Yankee network goes to George S who can spend it on the Yankee’s. The Brewers or any other team in a city besides NYC can not do this for obvious reasons. So even though I hate Bud for a lot of different reasons, the fact that he does not go after a-rods is not one of them. So 4nyay’s point that any team can do this is bullshit. And if I were a different AL team, I would try to find a way to block my games from the Yankee network.

    3. Judd, baseball is a game that is played before a crowd who wants to be entertained. For a lot of people (even stiffly who lives for sports!!!!) baseball is becoming less and less fun to watch, so though caps might seem rather silly when it comes to things like military spending, they are a good idea when it comes to creating an entertaining league.

    4. also, 4nyay is right: the Yankees are not the only team doing this shit. but they do it the most and they are the only team that can afford to do it on a consistent basis.

    5. Long story short: I hate the Yankee’s, they are bad for baseball, Judd’s comment was really stupid and I have 100$ that says the Yankee’s will not win the world series.

    whazz on…

  11. also:

    1. too much fake whazzin

    2. Jen, welcome back.

    3. Old man or jen, you should take me to a bucks game.

    4. is killing me. I’ve played 18 tourney’s and I got the following: 1 first, 1 second, 1 third and 9 fourths and 6 DNF. I was up 100$ until i started playing tourneys, now I’m down 200$. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong, and I’m not sure if I’m just not good at tourneys or if I can do something to improve on all these 4ths.

  12. yo workman…i appreciate ur honesty

    but for real, stop being a brewers fan!!

    why r u one anyway…cuz it is where u at…
    u don’t even agree with their filosofees n shit…
    u hate mr. bud and they suck

    trade up….


  13. wirkus, your point 2 is flawed. detroit has the 7th biggest city in the US, which equals a lot of money to u & stiffy, and the tigers finished dead last & tied the worst record ever in baseball. san diego ranks 6th in population, they ranked one spot above the tigers last year. milwuakee is rank 17 and boston is 20…milwuakee was 68-94, boston was 95-67. shouldn’t the brewers be able to spend more than boston. in that case, they would rank 2nd in total payroll. maybe the cities’ fans should pick up some shit for not supporting the team, but like the zach said ‘its the owners job to make the fans care.’ i mean shit, the brewers attendance doubles when the yanks are in town. also, there is tons of money in the bay area, but oakland never puts much back into the team, just their own pockets. thats why they’ve lost giambi & tejada.

  14. caps on corporations… check. you think major mergers don’t need approval from the SEC and the gubment? corporations are kept in check. microsoft can’t even take advantage of its domination in the OS biz to promote its software biz…

    caps on politics… check. are you fucking kidding? campaign financing is a top 10 debate item every year.

    caps on military…. dude. you are reaching here.

    worst. debate. ever.

    america is capitalistic only as far as it will continue to be capitalistic. when one company gets too greedy, they get shut down.

    welcome to the real america.

  15. money in the bay area does not equal money in oakland.

    from what i’ve seen oakland is just crack rocks, mac dre and sideshows.

    i’m suprised the players can even get to the field before they’re jumped for their jerseys.

  16. well….who.the.fuck.r.u.

    can’t a ridiculous comment be used to point out a ridiculous argument? guess not, scientist has spoken and told us otherwise…errthing gots to be granular and well spoken…


    but, in your so convincing spoken bullshit…the yankees aren’t doing shit wrong since they ain’t been shutdown; the commish is approving shit…thanks madd…you so smart!


  17. I was thinking briefly after lunch today that I’ve never been able to root for any soprts team that was dominant in a playoff, championship, or just plain “Big” game. Any time a team I support has made it there has been an incredible amount of luck involved (Freeman’s miracle catch against Minnesota on MNF), or my team barely squeaked it out in the end (Badger’s Final Four run several years ago).

    I think the only contrary example is the Packers Super Bowl win in the mid-nineties, but even that wasn’t dominant in the sense a dynasty of any sorts.

    Thank god that Brett Favre is consistently awesome.

  18. madd, u dumb…money in the bay equals money for the a’s & oakland since it is considered the bay, just as san jose is. sure they are both junk holes, but the money is there as far south as morgan hill & as far north as santa rosa & all of the northern ‘wine country.’ yankee statdium is in the ghetto, but people from the surrounding areas make the trip there. just like w/ raider & 9er fans…just ask sds. she goes to every game.

    madd, do u think before u talk anymore?

  19. go ahead & hate the yankees for being better than your team, just don’t hate them for being smarter than your team.

  20. yes I do go to every 49ers game, and the stadium is a shit hole. Even in football the owners keep some of their money because we are still stuck with a horse shit stadium when owners like Bob Kraft pay $250 million to build the stadium and win supwer bowls. If only we could get good old Eddie D. back.

  21. I need further details on the chilaquiles. Can I get this dish at Mayheecan restaurants in California? Perhaps one Maria Elena’s? Also, what other good Mayheeco stories are there? Not enough information, not enough information!!

    Please stop boring me with your baseball shit. Nobody is going to change anybody’s goddamn mind on this site, so I think enough has been said, n’est-ce pas?

  22. Nobody’s going to change their mind? What if Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin said, “Ah fuck it, nobody’s going to change their mind anyway.” Where’s your patriotic spirit? Although I enjoy hearing about tasty Mexican cuisine, I also like hearing other people’s ideas and sharing my own.

  23. didn’t some girls go through the same baseball rant last year? shouldn’t that have come from evil erin anywayz. also, i wasn’t trying to get them to like the yankees, just tryin to get some people to post. looks like we might be in for a quiet day w/out baseball talk.

    has anybody seen/heard about the monday nite wars dvd?

  24. I’m with raj: this is the first real whazzin’ in a loooooooong time. That last Judd post? Classic whazzmaster. I read it and spit coffee on my shirt.

    With that said: 4nyay’s Boston/Milwaukee comparison = dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life. Boston is a city surrounded by cities without teams. Their fan base is a lot fucking bigger.

  25. Also

    4nyay, if the yanks are so damn great take the bet: 100$ they do not win the 2004 world series.

    Or sit there and twiddle your dick.

  26. i haven’t been commenting on their greatness, yo. i actually like the soriano/boone combo better than Arod/enrique wilson at this point. time will tell though. we also have a lot of unproven post season talent that needs to manage to not get hurt this year. i think this will be an interesting season for them. i’m still contemplating that bet anywayz.

    i know the boston/milwaukee comparison was lame, but so was nyc=lots of people=lots of money. thats why i said that & compared the local populations. look at how much support the mets get…why didn’t they sign all the people the yankees did? also, there are no surrounding cities/teams for phoenix when they built their expensive championship team.

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