Midnight and working again. Even bitter souls are slumbering peacefully in their beds. Accountants are funny when they don’t get enough sleep. Randy’s out here making some crude jokes. Brian ripped his contact long ago, and I think he’s a little ornery about it, and I would kill someone for a vodka tonic. So I think we’re getting on each other’s nerves. But, on the upside, how many times do you get the opportunity to annoy the fuck out of your co-workers at midnight? Anyhow, here’s the point of this post: who could you work with for 13-15 hours a day for three to four weeks at a time, keeping in mind that you can’t go to sleep underneath your desk because you are part of a team, and the team needs you? Go.

48 thoughts on “Siiiigh

  1. 1. YES! The boss took the interns to a meeting so there’s no one to spy on the work I’m NOT doing!!!!!

    2. I’m going to spend the rest of the morning with the newspaper and I love my job.

  2. Speaking of luxury & fashion, I’m going to New York, and I’m trying to plan out the trip so I can get tickets to everything I want to do. What should I do? I’ve never been there.

  3. Is it just me or are Jen’s posts always about Jen? Seriously, she broke “thread” 3-comments into it. Bad Jen.

  4. Back to RC’s query, my instinctive response was, “pretty girls” and secondly, “twins”. After further reflection I decided this may not be the best idea because:
    1. Pretty girls require a lot of maintenance. 15 hours is a lot to ask of Max Factor.
    2. Office romances never work.
    3. I’m married so even if I’m wrong about #2, it is a moot point anyway.
    So, I would have to say a group of guys (including female guys) that you could pal around with, insult, and get a much needed drink with. That would be a group like yous guys.


    (If anyone is offended because they think they are a pretty girl… Erin, Jen, Madd,… I did not imply that you aren’t, just that you can get past it and have some fun.)

  5. RC, go to Central Park. (But do not try to walk all the way around it. It is fucking huge.) Climb the Statue of Liberty. Check out the museums. Smell China Town. Ride the subway out to Brooklyn or the Bronx. Shop 42nd Street or 34th or Chelsea or Battery or SoHo. Find small restaurants where nobody can speak English and order by pantomime. Try to go to all of the places you have seen on TV or in the movies and get your picture taken re-enacting the scenes. (Sadly, I never found Sesame Street. I went to where the neighbors meet, but the air there was quite foul.)

  6. So I was watching TV last night and the commercial comes on where the girls lift up their shirts and show off their navels, the big parade of belly buttons.
    “Oh bladdy blu, that is soooo sexy!” says I.
    “You know what they are selling don’t you?” replies the missus in that tone of voice that adds idiot to the end of her sentence.
    “Yep” I drool, “bum bum bumpa chunk a bump bow.”
    “No [something bloated woman plumbing related]”
    Totally ruined the mood.

  7. RC: Good question.
    My answer is nobody, which is why I am going into academia.
    Also, please answer the question that I am sure is on everyone’s mind: Are you annoying your co-workers or are they annoying you?

  8. You can no longer climb the statue of liberty, you can only walk around the base of it for “security reasons” it sucks.

  9. The best part of climbing the statue is saying, “Ew, what’s that smell? We must be in the armpit.” Even better if there is a crowd and someone cut the cheese. Ha ha ha. Class trips are so much fun.

  10. The nice thing about signing in is that your name gets to be bold, but the bad part is that if you are too lazy and don’t sign in and write a really really long post, it just gets deleted into post-never-never land.

  11. 1. That damn yankee test still will not qork.

    2. Who could I work with? Raj. Really we’ve only had one fight that I can think of. (outside the cheesecake hut on the day after whazzgiving.) The time I pushed him at the argus when we were playing whazz does not count because that was beamish fueled.

  12. 1. If you really love the n-word, rent Bamboozled.

    2. My poker account is back to 11$. Last weeks high was 25$ and the low was 3$.

  13. YO!

    All you ladies out there, FEEL THE POWER OF THE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT! linky:

    Ho man, that article is hilarious. I’ll give you one choice morsel fo a quote, you go read for the rest:

    “As much as feminists may disdain the roles of mother or wife, those roles have bestowed power as well as meaning and satisfaction on the vast majority of women in history. When all is said and done, heading a home and being married to a good man are far more satisfying to most women than college teaching or corporate work.”

    wwhazz– against better judgement I deposited another $50 in pokerroom. I’m up to around $65 now, I think. Small steps, small steps.

  14. I’m now up to 35$.

    As I logged in, I was thinking about how much I hate it when some ass joins a table and gets pocket K or A on his 1st hand, and how when that happens i think the computer is cheating. What do I get my 1st hand? Pocket Q’s which turned into a fullhouse Q’s full of 6’s. (but not with out some fear of a K on the board and a flush…

  15. I also had a very interesting hand a couple of days ago.

    4 kings beat an A high sr8 and a full house.

    (I was the house. )

  16. I say let’s throw Dennis Spranger to a pack of rabid drag queens.

    Then ask him how he feels about femininity. Asshole.

  17. har har har! Short Dennis: “blah blah blah WOMEN SHOULD BE LUCKY THEY GET TO LICK THE BOWL blah blah blah”

    I’m not a card-carrying NOW member or anything, and I think this is absolutely nutso and insulting. Just remember, the Christian Dominionists want this to come to pass; vote against Bush in November.

  18. Sometimes I wish I weren’t republican:

    President Bush today said he supports an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to ban same-sex marriage to prevent “the meaning of marriage from being changed forever.” His comments were condemned by Democratic Party leaders as an attempt “to write discrimination into the U.S. Constitution.”

    But then sometimes I’m glad I’m republican:

    Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Repeal of Senate Bill 60. Fulfilling a campaign promise, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed SBX3 1 (Oller, R-San Andreas), legislation that repeals SB 60 relating to driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants.

  19. argh. sorry to call you a dipshit. but i can’t take it. really. i’m gonna crack. you’re wrecking our country and your so FUCKING SMUG ABOUT IT. oh god oh god.

  20. 1. I ain’t givin up shit. My last straw with the Catholic church was the priest/bishop/whatever in LaCrosse who decided that he had the divine right to deny state legislators in his Church the sacrement of Communion if they voted for pro-choice legislation. Why can’t those goddamn Catholics stay out of politics and just continue ruining people’s private lives with their crushing brand of dogma?

    2. Oh Timmah, isn’t the Governator brilliant? I think it is high time that we deal with budget deficits by CUTTING REVENUES; I mean, then at least we finally have a good excuse for cutting programs all those lazy poor people take advantage of. I also love that cute little foreign way he says “Cully-foh-niyah”. It’s also really great the way he sticks up for us REAL Americans by discriminating against those sinful gays and those dirty immigrants…wait…isn’t…um…Ahnold an immigrant? Oh, silly me – that’s right: Ahnold was a rich, white, European immigrant whose father had ties to the Nazi party. Of COURSE there’s a difference.

  21. Why do we pay for a government? No one follows the laws. Not even the lawmakers themselves. States, counties, and cities have decided to buy prescription drugs from Canada even though that is prohibited by federal law. Clerks of the court are handing out marriage certificates to same sex couples in states where it is prohibited by law. Officials are driving around in government cars while hopped up on goofballs. Why do I have to follow the law?

    Fuck it, I say. I have a wife, but I think I’ll marry another. If I had a sister, I’d marry her. You want to stop me? Why, because of morality? Well you can’t control me with your repressive, rightwing, bourgeois standards. Then I’m going to snort tiger skins and elephant tusks. Endangered animals… bah, not to me. I see plenty of them in the zoo. Then I’m going to steal a tractor and drive the wrong way down a one way street. Property laws? Traffic regulations? I never agreed to them.

  22. If you move to another country or a deserted island, take me with you on the condition that there are no braindead interns there to make me lose my damn mind.

  23. And yet, even though no one can follow the law, twelve year old kids are expelled from school for possession of Sports Illustrated.

  24. Old Man, you are so funny. Sometimes my husband looks at me and says, “Baby, you can’t legislate morality.” And I say, “Yes, yes, baby, I know”, without really listening, and then I walk away. But yours was a perfect illustration of the legislation of morality. That was a good “welcome to Wednesday, whazzers” comment.

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