Chappelle Show == OK

Well, an all-new Chappelle’s Show was on last night, and it was thumbs in the middle, trending up. Some funny parts, but overall not nearing as good as any show with a Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories part. Next week is lookin up, though, because it looks like they’re gonna have a CHTHS with Slick Rick.

In other news, I am still treading water on with $40 or so. I’ll go down a bit and then up a bit, but I’m staying there for now. It seems like the people on there are getting crazier and crazier as time goes on. Retards hold onto low pairs until the river where they hit trips and then all your work to defend your high pair with top kicker or your two pair goes right out the window. It’s not so much I’m complaining about individual bad beats, just that the style of play overall on the site is shifting somewhat (especially in $1-$2).

Me and Rock Chalk and GMC are having a ROMANTIC AS HELL date tonight at TGIFridays; I guess it’s to celebrate the fact that we’re corporate drones or something. Scientist can come if he wants but he was off getting high and playing poker while we were planning.

I’m on Day 2 of the Low Carb diet (not fucking Atkins) and starving. I went to the grocery store last week and spent $211 on groceries that mainly consisted of donuts, rice, pasta, crackers, etc. I can eat none of it now, and it’s all just sitting in my cupboard. The places we tend to go for lunch at work don’t really cater to people who don’t eat bread and french fries.

I think I’m gonna go nuts not having any tater tots. Maybe it will be my special treat on next Sunday.

Hee-hah-hoe-it’s meeting-time-and-away-I-go!

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8 thoughts on “Chappelle Show == OK

  1. 1. That damn no fun sombrero was brilliant.
    2. I’m bored, I refuse to do any work today, so everybody whazz.
    3. Moneypenny, tell us about your date with your wife and GMC.

  2. I need some computer advice. What kind should I buy (and I don’t want an Apple)? Discuss:

    1. On the message boards they say that Dells are for poor people. Is this true?
    2. How heavy is heavy? Are thinkpads good? Please consider the “cute” factor.

    Thank you, fellow nerd campers, for your input.

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