What I Did On My Weekend

The weekend’s almost over and I feel like it’s still Friday night. Fairly interesting weekend we had here in Cali. Friday night was Poker Night and Saturday night was Modern Dance Night. I dub Sunday The Day For Rest at this point, because I didn’t wake the fuck up until damn near 2pm. It’s 4 now and I am realizing that the last vestiges of the my days off are slipping through my grasp. I still have to clean the office, the bedroom, and the kitchen. It ain’t gonna get done today I think.

Friday night we blasted over to Bay 101 to get some poker action, then our plan was to go out in San Jose since we would be down there. We didn’t plan on the line to get on a table to be somewhere near 70 people long; usually it’s about five. We shrugged and drove over to Garden City casino. We got a seat right away and played from 8 until 10:30. I was up to around $180 from $100 but soon fell to around $60. That was fine. We headed downtown and went to Mission Ale House. Good times. Then over to Cinnabar where Scientist encouraged everyone to call him gay. Odd. At around 1:30 or 2 we decided to head back over to Bay to play some more poker. Alas, it was still busy as hell. So we decided to go to the backup plan again: Garden City. That was where disaster struck. After playing fairly conservative for around an hour or two, I caught KK and got beat, my next hand was 88, the next hand was QQ, and the hand after that was AA. I went from $100 in front of me to $6 in four hands. I won’t go into the details because only wwhazz, madd, and GMC would care (and madd and gmc were there after all), but whatever, I had my reasons. I went home angry that evening and raised the cops parked the street over all-in on my red light run. They folded.

Saturday I wanted to play some golf but the line at the course was a bit too long. I hit a bucket of balls and decided that was enough. GMC, Scientist, and I went over to Safeway to do some grocery shopping and after that I didn’t have much time to cook dinner for me and Rock Chalk and then get ready to go to the dance show with Judd. His girlfriend was in most of the pieces, and me and 4nyay agreed to come. The show wasn’t that bad. It mixed classical, jazz, and some hip-hop dance numbers together. I got some culture for the first time in awhile. After it was finished we headed to downtown San Jose for some more fun at Trials Pub, the first bar in San Jose that has thoroughly impressed me with it’s atmosphere. It was a great english pub style joint. I would definitely go there again.

Home again, home again, jiggedy jog. Me and Casperson delighted ourselves to reruns of Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories until I passed out. Two PMs later, I’m typing at this computer and trying to figure out which soul-crushing housework job I’m going to do next. Wish me luck, dawg.

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  1. 1. Washington Park High School Gossip Update:

    Josh called on Friday to announce that he is engaged. I almost crapped my pants. He is engaged to a woman he met at a family reunion a few years ago, however, they only became “pen pals” because she was MARRIED AT THE TIME (foreshadowing/red flag #1 for those of you without an English major). Anyway, blah, blah, blah, next thing I know she and Josh are discussing who is going to move where (he lives outside of Philly, she lives in NC somewhere – the Dirty (Scary) South, because if she wants to move out of state, the terms of her separation agreement have to be altered in terms of the custody of her TWO KIDS (red flag #2).
    But despite the fact that she is not yet legally divorced, he decided to propose to her, and she said yes.
    I told him that this whole scenario sounded vaguely familiar…as if I had seen it somewhere before, like on the Jerry Springer Show. I don’t think he thought that comment was very funny, but I’ve been repeating it for days.
    My mom says that this is all happening because boys are weird and when they decide to get married they just take the first girl who comes along. I say it is Revenge of the Nerds. I hope that little story made your day a little brighter, whazzers. You’re welcome.

    2. In other events, Melissa Anderson (with the brown hair) is engaged to my friend Jonathan Haigh (with whom I went to his senior prom my sophomore year). Jon is in school to be a chiropractor (you know, a fake doctor) and recently left for his social service internship or something. My mom was like, “you know Jonathan left today for Morocco to practice being a chiropractor on South Americans.”
    My response: Um, excuse me?
    Mom (eating carrot cake for breakfast): Yes. Morocco – where is that anyway?
    Me: Northern francophone Africa. You do realize that South Americans are located on the entirely distinct continent of South America, and not Africa.
    Mom: Hm. Interesting.
    Me: I can’t believe you are educating the future leaders of America.

  2. Hey sorry about the drunko post the other night, I have been meaning to whazz so I guess that was as good a time as any. I have been busy busy with nursing life and lurk when I have the time. This semester I have been seing babies born, vaginally and via cesarean section, its been interesting to say the least. Not too much else new, everyone in my life is going on vacations which gets me a little jealous. My sister has been in Spain since January and having the time of her life while I mope through gay old life in Madison. I do have an interview over Spring break in Milwaukee for an internship over the summer which I am excited about. And then I am done with school in December, only 5 and a half years later!!
    i guess thats it, hello to everyone, especially cla!

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