Interesting Day

Everyone got called into a big meeting at work today and… I can’t talk about it. I still have a job, and that’s what matters for now.

In other short term news I’m down to 207.5 lbs from my start at the 213-215 range. I actually like the diet I’m on (by which I mean that I enjoy eating the foods that comprise my diet). As those who have known me for some time can surely attest to, I have until now had a deep, deep hatred for vegetables of MOST shapes and sizes. Now that they are some of the few foods I can eat, however, I find that eating broccoli (horror), green beans (HORROR), and cauliflower (horror) is actually good. That stuff is damn tasty. Don’t go crazy, I’m still ain’t eatin cabbage or leeks or anything like that. But my dinners of chicken and veggies are actually good to eat and that makes me ~EXCITED about losing weight.

I had a ultra-strange dream the other night that involved liberal use of airliners crashing into my backyard pool, the nuclear annihilation of the Eastern Seaboard while I was staying in a beach house in Virginia, and the very unsettling fact that Nikki Kowbel was my mom. After all that unpleasantness, there was a part of the dream where I had to go to this fancy party and I was dressed like some American Eagle or Abercrombie & Fitch model (i.e., like a slob). The amazing thing, though was that when I looked down at my feet, my whole gut was gone. I was actually as slim as one of those damn AE models. And you know what? It felt fuckin great (in the dream I mean). So I’m using that manifestation of my unconciousness as a driving force in getting down to the point where I could be considered slender. Look out whazzmaster: the next daughter I seduce might be your own.

Just kidding, erin.

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  1. Good luck on your diet, Zach! Maybe your new habits will teach the Madd Scientist a thing or two…

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