Let The Lies and Deceit Begin…

Bush/Cheney 2004 has released their first barrage of campaign ads. The first wave isn’t so much about sliming Kerry (those come later!), but to define (or redefine) who Bush is and what he stands for. The result?

They’re not off to a great start.

I especially like the fact that a campaign staffer said that if you object to Bush using 9/11 as a campaign platform, you’re a Democrat.

I hope you burn in hell, George W. Bush.


Looks like the Firefighters Association doesn’t appreciate the fact that Bush stiffed local fire departments in the budget yet wants to “trade on the heroism of those fire fighters in the September 11 attacks”. Hopefully this will be another nail in the coffin. Check it out here.

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90 thoughts on “Let The Lies and Deceit Begin…

  1. its not a typo, some accountants do math some don’t. If you’re that set on title, I’m an AUDITOR not an accountant. Those accountant people at the companies are supposed to make sure everything adds up before I get there. Get it yet?

  2. yeah, but are me & timmah right or wrong (we’ll disregard fake SDS’s comments).

  3. That still wasn’t me.

    Also, I will no longer defend Terrell Owens about anything, he is such a dipshit.

  4. man, it will be awesome if i just cut off the name field and change mohicans to mo. yes. yes. yes. i’m doing it. yes. awesome. yes.

  5. Hi Katie Kalish! I haven’t seen you in a long time. GMC, Scientist, or Zach, can I get an update on the ant situation at Thugg Mansion please? What is going on?

  6. due to the nature of ants, they don’t die they multiply (As do Bebe’s Kids, the hit comedy of the early 90’s) I am currently working to rid them of the house. We are down to the last few stragglers.

  7. Bebe’s Kids was the BEST movie. I used to babysit for these kids who had the video and we’d watch it all the time. They had a dog named Addidas.

  8. wow, in a thread on tucker’s site about idiots today, someone ended their rant with “fucking mo’s”.

    i now deem the term “mo” public property.

  9. so then one could conclude that the term “ros” is derogetory for “heteros”.


    fucking ro’s.

  10. Mr. Moneypenny, where is your email response? Are you going to play, or do I have to play by myself? I don’t want anybody else. When I think about you I touch myself.

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