Countdown to Vegas

We’re just about T-Minus 1 week until Vegas 2004 and I figured I’d run a retrospective of past Vegas trips… er, trip. Hopefully in five years this yearly Pre-Trip recap will have grown to epic proportions, but for now we only have one year to go on and we’ll have to extrapolate. I’ll also include my own predictions and fears about this year’s trip (currently scheduled for March 19th-22nd). Let’s get down to it.

Last year’s trip can only be called a “fucking success“. Starting with the drunken plane trip and our late-night buddy Ken, continuing to me and Scientist trudging around the Vegas airport drunk off our asses. The crotch-rot was bad, but memorable. The gambling was entertaining as all hell, due mainly to the fact that I would win $500, then lose it, then win it back. That’s the gambler’s orgasm, folks. I was able to eat a great meal. I had a blast in old-timey Vegas playing $2 craps. In short, it was 100% of what a trip to Vegas should be.

[UPDATE] I saw a fucking exotic bird show! [/UPDATE]

This year we’ve sadly lost some members of the contingent. As far as I know, Old Man Springer will not be joining us. To up the meloncholy factor, the Madd Scientist has decided to be domestic and stay back for the trip. The good news is that O’Neil is making a return engagement this year. The Steven Ejercito wildcard is always a factor. I’m planning on playing a good amount of poker this year, but always craps. ALWAYS. Looking forward to a good meal again at the Venetian’s steakhouse. I hope the crotch-rot will stay away, but I’ll have a 10 gallon bucket of Neosporin to make sure things don’t spiral out of control.

In honor of the Vegas Trip, I’m asking you all to post below your hopes, dreams, and aspirations of what will happen when we all get together in the desert. Make your own predictions. Will Scientist do a run-in? Will someone get arrested for jaywalking… or murder? Ladies: use your own predictions as a salve to sooth your jealous souls. You aren’t coming, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fun does it?


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30 thoughts on “Countdown to Vegas

  1. Hello. Here’s what I want to do in vegas.

    1. Not get crotch rot. I don’t think it can really be avoided, though.
    2. Gamble more than last year. I’m bringing more money and learned how to play some games.
    3. Visit more casinos. Maybe visit a locals casino with a bowling alley. Just seeing more on the strip would be fine too.
    4. Drinks.
    5. watch timmer get in a fight. Despite knowing tim for quite a while, I’ve never actually seen him fight. Why not in Vegas where I can gamble on it?

    I’ve been looking at reviews of the Imperial Palace. They are either “nice, good value” or “absolutely the scariest place ever.” Sounds good to me.

  2. watch out with the fighting in vegas. with nevada’s attitude of “do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t impede on someone else’s right to do the same”, a lot of things that are misdemeanors in most of the country, are felonys in vegas.

    the ONLY way i’m doing a run in is if me and GMC get drunk as hell on saturday after i drop off rach-o at the airport and we get the “brilliant” idea to drive down and make a 4am sunday wake up call.

  3. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 hours if you drive human speeds. I think Scientist might make it in 5.

  4. scientist at some point were you in SF? I got some garbled “we’re in fran sansisco… we’re in franssislls” messages. anyway hope you had fun… i don’t have fun anymore- i sleep. mpenny hows your golf- dude i owe you a round… when you wanna? hey ONEIL send me your email! im at yahoo… umm “Z” then last name @yahoo.

  5. cal:

    1. hi.
    2. you should buy the eli cash cd. see link in previous post, or maybe 2 down.
    3. i want to come to SF and get drunk with you.
    4. bye.

  6. Cla: damn right you owe me a round. But I don’t want to bankrupt you, so let’s go somewhere cheap and beautiful. How about Palo Alto Muni or Shoreline Links. They’re both near my work (in Mt. View). Let’s shoot for the week or two after Vegas.

  7. yeah, cheap and beautiful!!! week or two after vegas sounds good…eli cash huh… ooooo (that’s supposed to be like an ernest goes to camp sound not an O like Low sound) anyway …oooo i got cee-lo yesterday… i used to like the goodie mobb and his new album is supposed to be good. also that kanye west album is getting way good reviews. i wanna get it… what’s the other one… oh i know… the grey album it’s jay z’s black album mixed with the beatles white album by dj danger mouse… pretty good. i was skeptical at first but i like it. not as good as troops but what is really… “my addidas, ooops, i meant to say troops! those shoes gave me the blues by the time i had the money they were old news” so i gotta have the BK but they were all day and day not in my size… something something…

  8. golf on sunday!!?? goddammit ro, u dum ho. its wrestlefuckingmania for goodness sakes. i wish i could slap the shit out of you from here. any normal person will be thizzed out beyond belief. wait…go go gadget dick. did u feel that ro. yeah, that was me slappin u with my dick from thousands of miles away.

    jenh…thanks for sp update. i was buzzin & forgot what it was called.

    yudd yacobs is yay.

    madd doesn’t leave the house anymore unless there is food to be consumed. as benoit would say, prove me wrong.

    zach, congrats on the anti-scientist movement, i.e. actually losing weight & not gaining it.

    i just ate something with eyes, multi-legs, fins, and assorted other shit. i hope it comes out better than it looked going in.

  9. i’m bout to get fuckin drizzle-unk….

    “step ah-side bitch, i’m who the fuck u want your kids to be!!!!”

    please, someone use that line tonite when ur lost in a blurred huricane


  10. awefuckinsome, comedy central picked up BANZAI on thursdays at 10:30…virtual friday’s will be reenacted.

  11. my friends suck johnson’s dick presupposed if they fermuted the preservation of inherent justification if and only if, here-unto-fore i consummated the proclamation of hermaphroditic turk with fragile off-sperm where-un-to the supported a-large oversize jock that was held hostage by the good fellows hurt accordingly


  12. Ok I need help. I registered for my office NCAA Tournament pool, but honestly, I don’t know a damn thing about college basketball, can someone help me make my picks?

  13. WISCO!!!! Underranked. Actually, I have no idea, but the Old Man and the Older Man that I work with were talking about this earlier.

  14. where am i? there is no way i could be more than 1 page and 10 pictures. how could i take this long?

  15. oh, i forgot. i’m created by people with jobs who must work on the myself and manage to keep their employment at the same damn time. silly me. i’ll be done later on today.

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