7 thoughts on “butterfly in the sky……

  1. WOW, that was a great fucking fat story. u think we can get scientist to get to 300 el bees by the end of april? perhaps we can all throw in a couple bucks.

  2. just listened to the link…what the fuck buffalo bill? maybe it would be funny if i wasn’t sober, but i am and that wasn’t funny. were u guys smokin weed or just drinkin windex?

  3. Cont. from last post:

    My only fond memory of Eazy-E is his ability to disrespect someone. While in the LAX a year or so ago (I believe there is a post about that) Wirkus, Madd (though he probably won’t remember) and I witnessed the ulitmate diss by Eazy-E (wirkus can back me up on this). While walking to the sidewalk, we actually witnessed Eazy-E walk through someone!!!!! I’m just saying that wirkus and I deemed that the ulimate insult ever and if I ever master it, I will walk through everyone.

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