49 thoughts on “GT Basketball is fun

  1. holy shit, zach, add a new feature RIGHT NOW to whazzmaster that lets you put in text and it creates a wrestling sign for you. then have a gallery like haikus.

    i am awesome.

  2. if i were high right now i would be even more awesome.

    logic check for 1… yeah, right over there… he answers to “frenchy”.

  3. yeah…you’d be more awesome…if awesome meant retarded. the sign thing is ok; however, you are far from awesome.

  4. yeah, far in the positive direction.

    check my illustration:

    dumb—ok-awesome-TOTALLY awesome—-far from awesome

  5. man, i am FAR from awesome.

    i’m even more awesome than someone who is TOTALLY awesome.


  6. Scientist, that is so mean. Don’t make me be the mean police, or I’ll have to take away all of the alcohol in the house, and then you’d be very sad.

  7. Ok. I’m hiding the alcohol. SDS is not stupid; she’s brilliant. Don’t pick on her.

  8. rock, i’m am just teaching people that insulting me (even if they are correct in doing so), will initiate a counter attack.

    SDS said i was dumb in the last post. i disagree, so i argue that to come to that conclusion, SHE, in fact, must be dumb.

    habius corpus. know what i’m sayin?


  9. Heather is coming over to our house before we go to Renee’s going away party at an unnamed restaurant, and she’s going to probably kick you in the balls (she said). Why are you counter-attacking? Just love. Loving is more fun than attacking. Unless you have to do it missionary style.

  10. Heather never even said you were dumb in the last post. The only thing she said was, ” ‘Not doing shit’ is not a double negative.” You should be nicer to her, so Casperson can hit it.

  11. i bet renee would think i’m FAR from awesome. then, i would thank her. missionary style.

  12. and by “think”, i, of course, meant “know without prejudice or shadow of doubt”.

  13. Now I’m going to make you watch “Kissing Jessica Stein” with me too. We’re seriously getting close to watching Sex & the City together.

  14. scientist logic…shit = nothing

    i’m not doing shit…i’m not doing nothing

    i’m doing shit right now…i’m doing nothing right now

    regular logic…

    i’m not doing anything…i’m not doing shit

    i’m doing something right now…i’m doing shit right now

  15. Thank you Scott…..wow, please save that in your memory, its probably the only time you’ll ever hear it.

  16. To further defend my position….the statement “I’ve got shit to do” = “I’ve got stuff to do” not I’ve got nothing to do.

    Now I will call you dumb, scientist, you are dumb.

  17. the use of curse words for implication depends on voice inflection.

    what are you doing? i’m doing shit.

    that conversation could go either way depending on how it was annunciated.

    written word however follows different rules. namely: mine.

    therefore, once again, i have proven you all wrong, and kept my trophy for being FAR from awesome.

  18. “Apr 2nd, 2004 at 2:42 PM] by madd scientist (653 posts)
    dumb—ok-awesome-TOTALLY awesome—-far from awesome
    –SDS ”

    You are bad at insults, you called me awesome, not dumb

  19. context, my loveless hate shell. context.

    what have you got to do today?
    i’ve got SHIT to do. (i’m free).

    lets go to the max for burgers!
    can’t, i’ve got shit to do. (i’m busy).

    you see, usage of shit requires it’s intention to be specified elsewhere. thus leaving it on its own (as you did) implies shit = nothing.


  20. SwallowDickSquirt, you can’t even read a fucking chart. your baby would be so dumb it would probably blow into your titties trying to eat.

  21. and frenchy, that isn’t “regular” logic. that is simply slang. poor, uneducated people that can run fast and jump high have created the definition “i’m not doing shit” = “i’m not doing anything…”

    these are the same people that insist “bad” = “good” and “sick” = “very good”

    you get to wear the WRONG hat for the day.

  22. SwallowDickSquirt? Oh you’re soooooooo original, I’m soooooooooooo hurt.

    That doesn’t mean shit….using your definition of nothing to properly identify the inflection in my voice for those incapable of interpreting things on their own.

  23. My inflection is not needed to define the word “shit”. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Also, I am wearing a nice-fitting bra today, and I’m rather comfortable.

  24. madd, you’re also FAR from fat.

    skinny–fat–your mom–fat albert–michelin man–kool-aid man–elephant–FAR from fat

    you thread nazi ass biatch.

  25. Who thinks it is a good idea for me to apply for a management position at the Concourse? Need input

  26. wow. WOW. frenchy, you have a degree and you think

    “i’m not doing shit” = “i’m not doing anything…” is a synonym?!?! a SYNONYM?!

    maybe we can make a REALLY DUMB hat, and you can wear that on top of your WRONG hat today.

  27. sorry you fuckin 3 toed tank ass sloth, i forgot i have to break everything down for you.

    syn·o·nym – n. – A word or an expression that serves as a figurative or symbolic substitute for another.

    i hope this clears up things for you.

  28. Me too. Go for it, Paul! Working downtown is fun. I bet you would have that position on lock – good luck!

  29. The Scubby is officially married…believe it or not, they arranged their very own 5th quarter at the reception, UW Band, Bucky and all. Pretty much unbelievable, but very cool.

  30. Yeah, it was a nice wedding, and making things even nicer, Mel was seated at my table. Oh, Mel! Two seconds into the dinner he pulled a stone cold and shattered his water glass by overzealously clanging his fork against it, clammering for Scubby and his bride to kiss.

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