Get ye to a television, website or STL: Brewers game is on

The headline about covers it. Ewaz is in the kitchen boilin’ hotdogs and I’m skipping school.


34 thoughts on “Get ye to a television, website or STL: Brewers game is on

  1. 1. Just talked to GMX and he is safely in rural Georgia; may God have mercy on his soul.
    2. Give us poor coporate workers the benefit of play-by-play, Wirkuswhazz.
    3. I will be in Wisco 2 weeks from now for the occasion of Paul’s Bachelor Party.

    That is all, buffalo bill.

  2. B party is in the dells: paintball, stripclub, hochunk.

    Crew’s up 4-1. Pods just jacked a double, so BTS is at 1.

  3. nice work wwhazz! i saw you had pods today. also kurt cobain died ten years ago today. what else should i say? everyone is gay. rip kurt cobain.

  4. uh oh, them red birds are fighting back. 4-2 nobody out men on second and third. SHEETS PULL IT TOGETHER.

  5. Tie ball game: M. Morris doubled to deep center, R. Sanders and M. Matheny scored


  6. now i understand why live 105 has been playing nirvana all day. i’ve been listening to it and pretending i was in middle school again.

    dreamy cal sigh

  7. I learned two things at my gay brunch on Sunday:
    1. Tom Hanks is gay.
    2. Eddy Murphy is gay.

  8. tom hanks is NOT gay.

    eddIE murphy is NOT gay.

    your friends are gay. and not gay in the “dick in a butt” kind of way… more like the gay gay kind of gay way.

    fucking fags.

  9. jen, i really hope you bring this fad to the next level and start eating pussy. walking around with fucking pubes on your upper lip and stanking of tuna…

  10. Erin has decided that she has a latina side, she has spent the day asking me for spanish lessons, I am frightened for her sanity.

  11. who wants to go to RAW on monday May tenf? Ticket prices are $50, $40, $35, $25 and $20. Start time is 5:30PM

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