Weekend Update with Zach Moneypenny

Just wanted to take a moment out of my day to write a post that will be immediately overwritten by madd scientist’s fucking dry cleaning list or some such shit. The occasion is that Grand Masta Caspa has been dispatched to remote, mysterious Atlanta, GA. He is there to take part in the training for his new job that he acquired on Thursday. He is going to be working with Nokia doing training on their products, I believe. But the important thing is that (a.) he has a job, and (b.) he has no excuse not to go drunken bowling with us every Friday night. I think he’s in ATL until Thursday, but I’m sure we’ll here from him on Whazzmaster before then. He is a very resourceful lad.

Friday was pretty great this last weekend, as it saw us watching the UFC Pay-Per-View without any injuries sustained by the housemates, followed by a rousing 2 hours of drunken bowling with one Scott Fournier. Saturday was even better as we had a little (very little) sitout by the pool followed by a nap followed by a very mellow cookout. No out-of-control drunkeness this weekend. No fighting or injuries. Ahhhh, a nice weekend.

Scientist had the brilliant idea on Saturday to spend all day locked in his bedroom playing poker online. And when I say “all day” make no mistake that I mean from the moment he woke up until well after midnight. I guess he won $1000 or so, but we all gave him a hard time because of the pure anti-socialness of it all.

Last weeks basketball game on Thursday was the finale of the The Season. I didn’t find it ou until after the game, and I was kinda irked because if I had known then I’d probably have tried to foul out in a spectacular fashion.

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