new career? first i have to sort out the demons

Lately I’ve been very philosophical about my poker play and getting better and better. After a midnight session tonight up another 250, I ended up 700 on the day. I was up a few hundred yesterday and a grand on saturday. Indeed, the bank account reads a few zero zeros newer.

Herein lies my problem.

As i progress limits, I’m finding the same horrid players gambling with larger stakes, and I’m destroying them. I assume because the “call $20” button is intimidating, and they see that $20 as 60 chicken mcnuggets with $2.50 change. God only knows I do.

I’ve profitted $2,000 in the last 3 days. Where did it come from? People. People who probably need money and can’t eat withoout it. People whose missing money will cause marital arguments leading to divorce, all because I’m spending their money on fake bling bling chains. who is at fault?

Now, i’m an asshole. Dennis Leary signed over the rights to his song when he met me. I would like to ask you all, is depending on the idiocy of others, as your career, moral? Is it American? Is it wrong?

I feel a little dirty.


44 thoughts on “new career? first i have to sort out the demons

  1. Real 1st in a very schlong time.

    You had me through knowing the math behind 60 mcnuggets. You lost me at “People who probably need money and can’t eat withoout it.”

    Scientist with a conscience? blah.

  2. Let me make this clear so I’m not accused of being a Thugg Mansion bitch who never leaves the house by one Scott Fournier: I have never liked Lil Flip and I never will like Lil Flip. I will not go see a show at Spy, I will not go with you guys. I would not listen with no cover, I would not listen with my brother. A rapper known as Lil Flip gets nothing from my money clip.

  3. zach, i am not a big fan of lil flip either. i’m more interested in the undercard featuring bay area artists. judd was thinking about buying lil flip’s album, i said i was leary about that cuz his singles were relying on beats. i wanted to check out some of messy marv’s shit though.

    also, you sound like sam i am about not eating green eggs and ham. maybe you’d like lil flip if you saw him at the spy.

    RAW will be here may 10th, anyone want to go to that?

  4. Where is it at? If it’s Cow Palace they can fuck themselves. If its at HP Pavillion I’m fucking there.

  5. its at H-Pizzle Pavizzle. i wouldn’t waste my time for RAW at the Scientist Palace.

  6. i wouldn’t quite say you’re rich seeing how lunch cost you $107. that looks like a $7 loss to me. too bad you can’t flip that 100 & eat less & then join us for raw mr. cheapo.

  7. if cheap means i don’t want to do stupid shit with you idiots, then i’m cheap.

    i however would classify my spending habits as tasteful and intelligent.

    fucking guppies.

  8. wait…what? how long has wrestling and drinking been stupid shit to you? was it after you bladed yourself when you were drunk watching wrestlemania? no, thats probably not it. it probably became stupid shit when you had to pay for it. ok, raw will be stupid shit for you on may 10th, but then it will be cool again once its on free tv.

  9. Zach shall be golfing without me this Saturday but with my coworkers. Should be interesting…

    No sexy golfing Baby! No sexy golfing!

  10. I’m going to spend all of our joint money on candles tonight. Predictions on how much I’ll spend anyone?

  11. hey, fuck up, i never said i wouldn’t go to raw. you came out flinging the cheap card like a retarded kid…

  12. madd, don’t try to deny your cheapness. its not like i throw that shit out there as often as you throw donuts down your gullet. the fact of the matter is that you probably won’t show up to raw at hp pavillion, because of one or more of the following reasons.

    a. u will lock yourself in your room playing poker all day w/ no human contact
    b. you’ll be too high
    c. too expensive your taste & intelligence
    d. you’ll be off w/ rach-o
    e. all of the above

  13. ok then, i challenge you to name 3 times i was wrongly cheap. i am in no way shape or form cheap. anything i want, i buy it. for people in my life that i give more than a rats ass about, i buy anything for them as well. it’s simple pot odds… i don’t put money into a situation that will not yield me the same amount of value in return.

    you have 30 minutes.

  14. uh oh, i hope he doesn’t remember about me pussying out of trips because i had just come home from spending $1,000s to watch a baseball game…

  15. 1. Tuna for lunch from Costco for 3 weeks straight… to save money.
    2. Taking my goddamn Plastic clothing… after I did all the 5-finger work.
    3. FAKE Bling.

    You are correct, however… you really are in no shape or form.

  16. oh snap, you didn’t.

    1. tuna was me falling for atkins. we did that together.
    2. you gave it to me bacause you didn’t want your wife to find it and divorce you.
    3. fake bling is awesome.

    lumber away, big man.

  17. YOU NEVER DID ATKINS SCIENTIST! You made fun of it every day. Maybe you fell for it at work, but you never did it for real.

  18. that was a long time ago… i was living at my old place and rach-o was visiting and she was on it. i did do it for like 2 weeks. i am not proud of that, as i hate all things “atkins”.

  19. This is interesting – Timmah, would your wife have really been pissed about the Plastic clothes? I wear my Plastic pants all the time, and they’re my favorite lounging around pants.

  20. timmah’s wife situation is hilarious. if she even knew about this message board he would get divorced.

    did you see the episode of seinfeld where there is friend george and relationship george? it’s exactlly the same. 2 completely different people.

    we have a pool at work when he get’s divorced… friend tim thinks it’s funny, but i’m guessing relationship tim is a little pissed off… too bad relationship tim isn’t allowed to talk to me! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  21. again, timmah was the one to poop in the bushes outside. i did lose like 10 pounds… but on me, that is just like my left nut is a LITTLE bit smaller.

  22. timmah just left to play with 14 year old girls and teach them to “swim”, but agreed on the way out the door.

    grand theft lounge pant is not something his wife would approve of.

  23. My candle stuff from the last party is in! My candle stuff from the last party is in! Zach, get ready for crazy romantic as hell sex in the candle bedroom. Oh yeah, you have to put this thing up.

  24. did tim tell you the story of him pooping in the bushes? that is seriously one of the funniest stories i’ve ever heard.

  25. madd, i can’t argue this…’i don’t put money into a situation that will not yield me the same amount of value in return.’ that is a subjective opinion, but based on things a typical person with your income might do, you are cheap.

    r u referring to the vegas trip i didn’t go on because i was in italy?

  26. Dear Timmah,

    I would really like it if you would make a post about the time when you were all Atkins’ed out, and you had to poop in the bushes. Could you please make a post tomorrow about it? I have only heard the story from the Madd Scientist, and I’d like to hear your version too.

    Rock Chalk

  27. what things do people with my income do???

    buy every item they have ever wanted: CHECK
    involve themselves in expesive hobbies: CHECK
    buy expensive gifts for friends and family: CHECK
    go on vacations, and take others on vacations: CHECK

    there is absolutely NOTHING that i WANT to do, that i DONT do. don’t half assed wiggle out of it, just say that i’m right.

    dumb logic pisses me off to no end.

  28. zach, i battled back to up 200 last night. A9h and the flop is KhQhJh. someone had KK, someone had JJ, someone had ATo. 5-10 table with $287 pot. ZIIIIIIIIING. wirkus, get AOL IM and i’ll watch you play and tell you what to do.

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