Sorry Casperson…

…but I whooped on Sunday Tiger Woods last night. Got him dormied on the 15th and then beat him there to win 4 & 3. My prize was $2,700,000 which I used to jack up all my stats.




I hope you find Atlanta nice.

–whazz on

65 thoughts on “Sorry Casperson…

  1. while you’re watching timmah, ask him why he’s slacking this season & not picking someone for every game.

  2. well, i should say i watchED timmah play last year for the last 20 wins or so. haven’t watched at all this year. he already went home today.

  3. What’s up? Things are going well here in El Sal. I live in a little pueblito called Yamabal in Morazan( and in staying true to whazz traditions I will post in list form.

    A couple things I haven’t gotton used to yet

    1. Public nudity
    2. The fact that pooping my pants has now become a very real everday concern.
    3. Bathing in my yard while waving to neighbors(see number 1.)
    4. People with pet spider monkeys
    5. The fact that due to neccesity there is actually a word for a man with one arm
    6. Pooping my pants

    I have had 2 bacterial infections, blastacysts, and one awful case of ameobic cysts. Other than that all is well. Whazz out

  4. I just figured I’d give ya’ll a good 10 game head start.

    Actually, since nearly everyone is either batting 1000 (sorry 1.000) or batting 0 it’s kinda hard to see who’s a good hitter this year. I was going to give it a week or so for the stats to start to sort themselves out.

  5. I like to turn the computer off by 10 o’clock at night so I can spend some quality time with my wife.

  6. Sean is in El Salvador doing his 2 year tour of duty with our fabulous organization. More tales of pants-shitting and cyst-getting to come….

  7. madd why don’t you sign up… i’ll come up with a good prize for us whazzers and if you break 56… “The first eligible participant who accumulates at least a 57-game hitting streak will win ten thousand dollars ($10,000) in cash.” you can buy all the fake bling you want!

  8. reminder: –> Fantasy–> Beat The Streak–>
    Join League–> League: beatthestreak, Password: beatthestreak

    i’m up to five. the good doctor fornier lucked out with jeter today and has seven

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