high stakes poker and exploding computers

as a buffer between “i beat tiger woods at a video game” and GMC’s “holy christ i can’t even tell you what happened in atlanta”, i provide for you a recap of last nights poker.

i sit at the only 2 5-10 tables going around 5:30pm and quietly make my first $100 for the night in about an hour and a half. the tables get better after 11pm, so i decide to watch some TV, and drank a few berrrs. it’s now that a hysterical michael wirkus calls.

“DUDE, can you play a tournament for me?”

“how many people are left? why?”

“well, there are 10 people left… timmer signed up for $5 tournament and his computer blew up”

at this point i’m thinking “jesus christ wirkus, its $5… let it go…” thinking of course that this was a single table tournament (which start with 10 people). then he explains…

“no, it’s a multi and timmer was chip leader with pocket kings when it blew up”.

now, multi table tournaments can have anywhere up to 1500 people in them, so if you make it to the final 10 (kind of like in that poker tv show) you are going to make a lot of money.

i get the username and password and log in to find that this was a $10 tournament, and that first prize is about $600. oh yeah, it’s on. i won 2 pots in the 10 hands i played leveraging my huge stack. wirkus called back with access to a computer and asked me to logged off. he stepped back in the drivers seat and took 4th for about $200. nice work.

now it’s time to pick up GMC from the airport, and hear The Most Disturbing Strip Club Story Of All Time ™.



why not play some 10-20? i sat with $400, first hand AKs! flop A2T rainbow! sweet! not if someone has AT. next hand AKs! flop AK2! SWEET! WOW, IT GOT CAPPED ON THE FLOP! AWESOME! not if someone has 22. hmmm. i only have 190 left after 2 hands. i reup my stake to 400 and get it to 800 within an hour or so. another 100 profit and i’m on the couch again. drunker. higher. casperson tie dyes his shirt and trips. drunker. higher. taco bell. poop.

an OK evening.

4 thoughts on “high stakes poker and exploding computers

  1. my thoughts on JT.

    one big hand i won last night JT for a $400 pot.

    many many pros will tell you to throw away JTo instantly and that it is a piece of shit hand. this is probably true… if the flop is J high, you don’t have a strong kicker, and a limping JJ or QQ is going to destroy you. this is all very true, but i argue that if JT is played correctly, the times it does win will win BIG.

    JTo makes 5 different straights, and barring no 3 flush on board, they are all the nuts.

    doyle brunsons supersystem makes this same realization, and i agree with it.

    so my advice on playing JTo is this: call 1 bet. if it get raised behind you and you close out the betting and more than 4 people will see the flop, call the raise. if you don’t close out the betting after the raise, fold. if it’s already raised to you, fold.

    if you flop and outside straight draw, bet and raise the shit out of it on the flop… you will more than win your fair share as you are drawing to the nuts….

    if it flops J or T high, check call unless a bigger card comes out, then fold. this is what you have to do to avoid getting caught with the shitty pair with a shitty kicker.

    if you make your straight and the board pairs or a flush comes on, bet it anyways and call a raise.

    and there you have it. how to play JTo. i have developed a similar strategy for basically every hand i would play, and that is why poker is so easy for me. it’s just like you baseball fans know that with 1 out and a runner on 2nd, they’re probably going to walk the next batter…

    poker is situational awareness, and execution. simple as that. don’t play the cards. don’t play the player. play the situation.

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