This is fucked up right here son…

I don’t know quite what to say. I guess I could add that I found this picture on a kick-ass website: The Chronicles of Descado.

I think this is the Ur-Cat, the cat that all other cats have descended from. That fucker is big. Holy shit. Holy jesus H. christ on a gamma ray. I wonder if it eats people, midgets maybe?

Anyways, Go Brewers!

27 thoughts on “This is fucked up right here son…

  1. yeah, you through me off there, i was like, what website did i just go to? descado claims he killed that cat, but i doubt it…

    lunch break winnings: $120. big hand: AA vs KK vs A3.

    the board is 353KA. i had the aces, and yes i sucked out. i knew the other guy had KK or AA, so the K scared me and when he bet i just called, but the guy with A3 was just calling all the way. in the end $300 pot pushed to me. holla.

  2. 5-10

    flop JxXcXc

    i have J9c. capped.

    turn 9. capped.

    river Xc. capped.

    $387 pot. boo yah, i’m awesome.

  3. 1. I found an apartment in Milwaukee: 711 North 16th Street. It’s across the street from teh law school and located above a bar, Walgreen’s and a Starbucks.

    2. Just to make some of the Park High whazzers feel the euphoria of “Revenge of the Nerds” like I did this weekend, I have more gossip updates. I had a drink with Dave Hyttel on Saturday. He’s living at his parent’s house in Racine (they are living in China right now), unemployed since November and FAT.
    Karma’s a brutal bitch and I love her.

  4. Yo! Where are my guest poster blogs at?

    1. GMX’s trip to Atlanta
    2. Opening Day at Miller Park

    Find something worthwhile to say and post about it. I’ll throw a little sumthin together about the party at our house on Saturday night.

  5. yo

    Been locked in with school work, paying the price for skippin last monday for the away opener, drinking all day at the home opener and then double Easter.

    I’ll try to get something soon.

  6. i was in milwaukee for opening day, did not go to the game, but drank all day with my roommate and then met up with those who did go. I fell asleep at the bar and became crazy when i was told i had to go to bed. Timmer saved the day with a great pep talk and i met two new friends Jerry and Terry who told me i was cute with my swollen eyes and sweatpants and sweatshirt. they were cute too with missing teeth, they might have been hobos. in the AM I fell back in love with wwhazz. i’m full of unexplained drunko injuries. i’ll let wwhazz fill in the rest.

  7. hey fornier…

    R. Sexson 0-2 three innings left. pods just stole his third base of the year. single, steal second, score on base hit. fundamental brewer baseball! 4-2 crew!

  8. hi bellgirl! pardon me… Pods has 4 SB’s! also fornier… your man is 0-3… i need pooholes to hit today. bellgirl, don’t fight with wwhazz! he is a good time/romantic as hell.

  9. I got broke off for 50 cds and a radar detector. Thanks Madd!!

    So this brings Madd’s grand total of brokenoffness to a grand total of about $800.

    Oh yeah in case I forgot, thanks Madd.

  10. my monetary see saw theory has held true once again… after the stock jumped 7% today i made over a grand.

    god is silly.

  11. Is anyone going to see the Brew Crew in SF this week? Holla back. The partner’s here today, and she’s boring.

  12. It’d be nice but a.) I think the games are all sold out, which wouldn’t matter usually but paired with fact b.) that they’re all day games means we’d have to skip work to do it. I might be wrong, though. The opening day game is a day game for sure.

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