Beat The Streak

4/27/04 Scott Podsednik Brewers Reds change pick
4/28/04 Scott Podsednik Brewers Reds change pick
4/29/04 Barry Bonds Giants Marlins change pick
4/30/04 Geoff Jenkins Brewers Pirates change pick
5/1/04 Scott Podsednik Brewers Pirates change pick
5/2/04 Geoff Jenkins Brewers Pirates change pick
5/3/04 Vladimir Guerrero Angels Tigers change pick
5/4/04 Ben Grieve Brewers Reds

Wirkus, I like your strategy, but who do you pick when the Brewers aren’t playing? I picked Roid for the 29th.

Me, Erin, and GMX have purchased tickets for the FLOOR at San Jose Improv for Tuesday May 11th, 2004 at 10pm for Cedric the Entertainer. Anyone else who wants to come, just buy tickets matching those and we’ll sit together. They aren’t serving dinner that night; it said NO MENU for all seating, so we’ll just show up and drink. Call me with any questions.

Softball game tonight, The Season (season 2) begins.

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21 thoughts on “Beat The Streak

  1. 1. Moneypenny, when the crew ain’t playin’ I pick some other jobber, sometimes the roid, sometimes bagwell. Only bad thing about the roid is he gets walked a lot and he sits out a lot of games.

    2. Timmah, get, got, bts.

    3. Cal, what the hell is the prize?

  2. GMC, the touney was the 5$+500. I was chip leader for a good while (I doubled up on the 1st hand) but then took a series of blows. The end was pretty funny: I was in 41st place with 80 chips. The chip leader had 25,000. As soon as a dude went out, I went on a series of all-ins and ran that 80 up to 4000. It was unreal. On my 6th all in in a row I had AK suited. I got two callers and lost to AQ off when he flopped a queen. All in all a fun time.

  3. also, a shitty hand from last night.

    6-12, i have TT on the button. it’s capped with 6 people in. pot is about $150.

    the flop is AKQ. under the gun checks, next bets, everyone calls (almost any hand would have correct pot odds to do so), then UTG raises. now the pot is like $200 something i have to call $6 more. duh. i call. i figure trips would be no good because there are probably bigger trips out there and even if there weren’t, a T would make anyone with a J a straight. so basically i have 4 outs about a 1:12 or so chance to win, so i could have called up to 12 more dollars correctly.

    turn is the miracle J and the board is 4 suited. if it doesn’t pair, i have the nuts and probably a chop. it’s capped. all 6 of us are still in!

    river is another J. i asked for 1 so hard they gave me 2. UTG bets, 3 people fold, and the last 2 of us call (i’m guessing the other caller had a T too…). UTG flips over the KK and takes all the money ~$400. boo hoo.

  4. I know you non-poker playa’s won’t care but some of you will:

    Seat 10: P A L [ QC,3D ] ($21.50 in chips)

    pyrs posts blind ($0.50), P A L posts blind ($1).

    Yungi folds, indignation folds, johnnyblaze2 folds, otacary72 folds, Auronics folds, ACrod folds, lacycat folds, masterpayer calls $1, pyrs folds, P A L checks.

    FLOP [board cards KS,JC,10C ]
    P A L checks, masterpayer checks.

    TURN [board cards KS,JC,10C,KC ]
    P A L bets $2, masterpayer calls $2.

    RIVER [board cards KS,JC,10C,KC,AC ]
    P A L bets $2, masterpayer folds.

    P A L wins $8.25

    27 Apr 2004 4:29 PM P A L $50 Royal Straight Flush
    (Hand #136199296)

  5. Heh, interesting. Very interesting. You know I’ve never had one, right? So you won $58.25, which is cool.

  6. those are the chips and case that jay from SST has. he got 300 + the case for like $90 i think.

    they felt cheap to me, not heavy enough.

  7. wirkus, i don’t know if i recommended it yet, but buy lee jones book “winning low limit hold’em”.

    i had only glanced at it a few years ago, but i read the whole thing on the plane ride home this weekend… he plays basically exactlly like i do. just check out the chapter summaries for the rules and read the chapters if you want them explained.

    oh, and god damn it, that 6-12 game just got me for some more money when my AcKc flopped a flush and the board paired on the river. bah.

  8. *snicker*….

    um… alllllehluiaaaa aaaa-aaa-aallleeeh-luuuuu-uuu-uuuia.


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