Beat The Streak Theory #23,409

Hi there. I’m Zachery Moneypenny and I have a new theory for getting further in’s Beat The Streak contest. For the Series starting on Tuesday, May 18th against the Montreal Expos, I just picked Lyle Overbay for every game. I’m hoping this results in 3 hits added to my now-insignificant total of One. If not, perhaps for the next series I’ll put another theory into play that I’ve been batting around in my head. The Moeller/Counsell/Helms Triumvirate may just be what my BTS account needs to climb to the top of tha mountain, bruther.

In other news, I’ll be itermittently working on some of the site code for the next few days so if it’s down don’t freak out. I’ll put most of the work in on the weekend when no one visits anyways, so that should be good.

I thought I fixed the login problem, but now Im not so sure. Can anyone who logged in yesterday verify whether or not you’re still logged in? I’ll check when I get to work and see. If it’s still not working then drop a dime in the comments so’s I can take a look.

I’ve got some exciting work news, but I’ll put together a bigger post detailing it.

In the meantime, check out the Mobile Whazzing moblog and keep on truckin, Brewers.

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12 thoughts on “Beat The Streak Theory #23,409

  1. 1. Zach! You look really skinny. How’s the diet going?

    2. Yet another successful event of Madison MAGNET was held last night at Madison’s. All Madison area whazzers should come to the next one.

    3. It was a close call, but a fiasco involving shoes for Paul’s wedding was narrowly averted this week. I’m so excited!!!!!

  2. Here’s how the diet is going: merely ok. My weight has stayed the same for roughly the past month or so. I clocked in at 196.5 this morning. My lowest ever was a one-day low of 194, which quickly shot back up over the weekend since I did nothing but eat and drink. Weekends really suck for the ol’ diet. Maybe this weekend will be a relaxing, home-cleanin, web-page-codin, good ol’ time with no massive food influxes and good exercise. Or maybe not.

    It’s also quite possible that I’m losing fat consistently but replacing it with muscle. I think that is at least partially the reason why I’m not seeing more weight loss, but I definitely have a ways to go.

  3. wirkus, check out the last thread. won a $5 multi and placed in the top 20 on the $10k guaranteed. ballin.

  4. Zach –

    Can you please put up a section for Maaaaaad to post all of his nonrelevant poker info. It seems to me that no one except him cares. This section could kill two birds with one stone:

    It will allow him to feel important and inflate his ego even more in a section that will be all his.

    It will also allow all whazzers who don’t care about his compulsive lifestyle to not have to skip over large sections of posts to read the worthwhile info.

    Or as another option allow me to have admin access and I can just delete all of his comments. Thanks for your time and your consideration on this issue.

  5. I saw it and posted about it, I also called you a bit ago.

    Like I said my poker is going ok (cashed out, left 120 after I hit even. That is now up to 220) Have not had the time as of late for multi table.

    At luch I played a 10$ and 1-2 limit. Won 20 playing limit. Got 5th in the tourney: pocket 9’s in the big blind (100) I only have 900 left. I bet 300, get two caller. Flop is babies, I went all in, dude called (had mid pair, five kicker), runner, runner str8, I’m a ghost.

    Shouda went all in preflop? Should just checked preflop? Who knows? That’s why I’m a ghost.

  6. I don’t mind the poker talk, but could see how it could rub you wrong. Just skip it if you don;t like it. I think alking about diets all day is fucking gay, and wish that would end, Ro hates heasring about the brewers.

    Just let it go.

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