Paul & Amy’s Wedding: Chapter Two

Friday began like any other day: my old bones feeling like they were
being beaten with a hammer. I’ve realized that my body doesn’t take to
drinking like it used to. Against Jessie’s wishes, I was consuming E-MER-Gen-C
like there was no tomorrow. Scubby had awoken me at 9-something a.m. to
see if I wanted him to stop downtown and pick me up for the rehearsal
dinner. Hell yeah I did. Scubby met us at Jalisco’s Mexican Restaurant
(great food) and we headed out to the Country Inn for the rehearsal festivities.

Me, My New Belt, and My Sexy Belt Dance

The Country Inn is like any other hotel that is undergoing massive land
renovation in the middle of an enormous thunderstorm. It was supposed
to be held in a gazebo outside, but due to the rain, lightning, and funnel
clouds Paul and Amy eventually decided to make a backup plan to use the
pavillion next to the gazebo. After a 2 Fast 2 Furious Rehearsal, we headed
west to the Delafield Brewhaus for dinner. As we arrived, an enormous
dark blue appeared to be moving in very swiftly from the west.

Paul, Muffins, and The Evilest Cloud In Wisconsin

We were
standing out on the balcony and Scubby used his expert pharmaceutical
sales experience to tell us that the weather was nothing to be worried
about. As a matter of fact, he predicted exactly when the wind and rain
would begin and approximately how hard it would be… and it was hard.

Here are some choice shots from the wedding rehearsal.

Me and The Best Man: Todd Maurer

Me and Scubby: Groomsmen Extrordinaire

The Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor, with beer

After dinner we headed back to the Country Inn for some drinks. I was
going to stay with Scubby and his wife at their new home in Cottage Grove,
so we just wanted to make an appearance. Julie and Angie, the maid of
honor and bridesmaid respectively, were impressed that Scubby and I were
allowed by our wives to be outgoing, fucking awesome guys. They asked
us to help them find "dates" for the wedding. We asked what
they thought of various dirtballs who happened to be hanging out in the
hotel bar and, disturbingly, they didn’t immediately say "oh
god, no!" Me and Scubby were fairly amused by that. We took off for
Scubby’s house at around 8:30pm so that we’d have enough time to stop
for liquor on the way.

Every single other person at the bar in the wedding party got mega-drunk,
the results of which I can’t necessarily comment on without express permission
from all parties. Suffice it to say that drinks were drunk and fun was
had by all ladies and gentlemen.

Scubby’s house was awesome. Nice, quiet location. Great plot of land,
and really nicely decorated. Me and him spent most of the night playing
Tiger Woods 2004 on his new 56" TV. Sweet ass TV.

We went to bed relatively early because we knew that the next night would
be drunk and crazy. We were right.