Paul’s Wedding

It was a great and fun event, and I’m trying to get a multi-page narrative of it up for consumption. I’ll be working on it on the plane and hopefully it’ll be done soon. In the meantime, check out the moblog for some selected pre-ceremony shots.

I heard Madd pissed his pants this weekend. haha

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19 thoughts on “Paul’s Wedding

  1. Paul’s wedding – a good time was had by all.

    EROZ – I have your umbrella in my car. Please claim. Did you successfully seduce one of Amy’s little cousins?

  2. zack – can you stick your moblog preview in an iframe? like

    Mobile Whazzing moblog

    this way, if buzznet responds slowely, it doesn’t take whazzmaster 20+ seconds to load?

  3. yo, i’m wit timmah…slap that mumbo jumbo all up in yo skrip & get that shit poppin quick like my heatas.

  4. Yo, Paul: nice wedding.

    Around 1:30 in the morning I heard a ‘rukus in the courtyard, looked out the window and saw a bunch of people playing with fireworks. Who was with them? Erooozzz! After security gave them a beat down, they met us in the bar where Zach’s nipples were disparaged by an old lady. After that, Bellgirl passed out and me and Zach ate pizza and watched the Flair DVD until 3:30. In the morning, I farted a buch and stunk up the room.

  5. i decided that if judd & zach are going to be a team they should have to do more than 100 beers. any shmuck can drink 50 in 3 days. i say they have to do at least 150…a case a day. maybe judd can pick up the slack for zach (fat chance) one nite & zach could help him out another. what challenge is there to drink about 16 beers/day. i know girls who can do that…

  6. Yo– timmah: that iframe doesn’t seem to be working (see left). What’s wrong? Why won’t the contents of the frame load?

  7. I uploaded a bunch of wedding weekend pictures to the moblog. Click the title caption at left to go see ’em.

  8. In the rehearsal pictures, Todd looks like Jimmy Tedesco from the movie The Whole Nine Yards.

  9. sorry.. is a reference to another page…
    so it would be like this:

    Then yomamma.php would have this in it:

  10. hmmm.. you may just want to keep it the old way. clicking on the links keeps it in the iframe… buzznet == sucky. I support custom inbreeding.

    but I like the idea… maybe I’ll build that into fortawesome, once my BTS number breaks 20 again. of course at this rate…

  11. Official notice. If Heather gets a job with the Patriots, Zach and I are going to have to move to Massachusetts. As in construction, warning must be given. Done.

  12. u’re the sillypit? shit, we all know that streak ain’t gonna last 5 more days. i should have realized it was you by the bandwagonness of picking players.

  13. Fuck everything:

    I won a stupid qualifier for the US Daily. Five hands in I’m dealt jacks in early position. I just read TJ’s book and he suggests calling in this situation (early position, early tourny), gambling on winning a huge pot if you flop trips. four callers, button raises 200. Everyone calls.

    Flop is J-10-4

    Nice. I check, so does everyone else except the button who moves all in, just what I wanted. Everyone folds. PAL calls! Pot is fucking huge!

    Turn is a 10. No way he has quads. PAL is still happy.

    River is a Q. Pal is a little worried.

    PAL shows a full house Jacks full of 10s.

    Bitchface shows a full house Queens full of 10s.

    PAL is a ghost.

    Fuck that, really, mother fuck that.

    I hate everything, even the brewers.

  14. Don’t be sad P A L; at least you still have Jessie and Parker. I’ll love the Brewers for you tonight and cheer them on past the LA Fucking Dodgers.

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