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Took me awhile to go through my email this morning. Thanks for helping out, Thunderbird Mail Filters.

For the most part I’m liking what I’m seeing in the current poll comments. A looong time ago, Zach Henkel made a suggestion to create some kind of calendaring function where you could post stuff (events, birthdays, etc.) It seems like, from what Scott says, that may be useful now for us to plan shit like the Vegas trip, trips back to Wisco, ballgames, WWF shit, PPV’s, and a whole lots of other stuff.

I’m sick of designing stuff that sucks. I’ll see if I can pull Scientist away from poker for a few minutes to design a schema to base the calendar off of (I know he already has a similar thing set up in the Family Tree application).

Paul’s Wedding post is 2/3 done right now. I’ll finish it tonight or tomorrow night and get it posted. Overall not one of my funnier masterpieces, but enough stuff happened where I could justify simplifying the whole weekend down to 3 written sheets of paper. Of course I’ll post when it’s uploaded. It should include some snapshots from the weekend. I won’t be duplicating any of the pics from the moblog. My mom had her digital camera at the reception so all the ones I’ll post in the story will be from Saturday night.

I fixed the loading problem with the moblog preview on the left. If the site doesn’t respond then there shouldn’t be any waiting for this page to load. Of course let me know via the comments if it still fucks up.

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28 thoughts on “Update On Site ‘n’ Shit

  1. BTS pick today Manny Ramirez, first at bat: double. Nice. 4 more to go to tie wirkus & scott. Scott is talking shit as usual to try to keep this from happening.

  2. Poker pals,

    You know I took a no-limit break, right? Well let me rewind to the hour before my US Daily… I read up in my TJ book (his style fits me better than Doyls), ate a healthy dinner, drank two emergen-C’s and did some deep breathing. I had a plan and I was ready to play….

    Then I took that bad beat that I already detailed. After posting about it, I sat down and played 2 handed limit. In my first few hands I got AA busted by some jerk playing k4 suited and AK suited busted by J9 off. I was pissed, puched the wall and the Brewer’s clock that I got from Zach’s Bachelor party fell off the wall and hit me in the head.

    I took a break, and at 11:00 decided to give my new no-limit plan another go.

    And it went:

    1 $425
    2 $276
    3 $170
    4 $113 PAL

    This helped my soul. Fourth out of 280-somthing. My best finish ever.

    I am happy.
    I am happy.
    I am happy.

    Whazz, whazz, whazz, whazz…

  3. Congratulations on the win, Wirkus!

    This weekend, I’m going to Vegas with Q to see Madonna. This trip will include sitting by the pool and drinking fun drinks, probably playing some craps, shopping a little bit, and definitely going to see Madonna at the MGM. It will be fabulous, and I can’t wait.

  4. 1. I’m so jealous that you get to see Madonna’s show.
    2. RC – I discussed this briefly with Zach and his parents at the wedding, but I have decided that you and Zach are going to move back to Wisconsin: the sooner the better. I miss you.

  5. 3. One more thing: I had breakfast with Mia and Rachel on Saturday morning and Mia asked Rachel if she was going to have kids someday. Rachel’s response? “I think that with all of my hard work to become successful and educated that it would be a shame for the world, in a Darwinian sense, if I didn’t reproduce.”

    Whenever Chris Barke has something to say about Rachel now I always say: is that why she’s a PhD candidate at Yale and you’re working third shift stocking shelves at Target? And then I put on my ‘fake confused’ face.

  6. Beautiful!! Every time you post a story about Rachel or Mia, I love it. How is Mia doing? Is she still living in Canada?

  7. Mia’s in McFarland planning the wedding; she works at a law firm as a legal secretary or something for the summer. It’s on the Square, so we have coffee sometimes during the week.

  8. Who here has Mystic tanned? RC? Paul? I want to do it this summer, but I need insider info.


  9. I’ve Mystic Tanned, its weird, VERY VERY weird, but it turns out nice, as long as you follow all the instructions. If you don’t put the cream on your hands and feet think enough, your hands will turn orange for two weeks.

  10. 1. ugh, x-pac. i hate that greasy piece of shit.
    2. golfing today was ok. shot a 48, but it felt like a lot better game than that score indicates.
    3. not much else, except that I was pleased to find myself weighing in, post-wedding weekend, at 195, which is what I was at when I left. nice.

  11. 1. Wwhazz, I put some money is my pokerroom account last night and played a $5 NL single table. Took 2nd, which helped morale a bit.
    2. I am becoming sick again. Sore throat plus stuffed nose=dammit.
    3. Thought I had something else to say but I can’t remember now. oh well.

  12. 1. Until what, crazy?
    2. BOOM. BOLD CAL. I booked my ticket to Mexico City today for two weeks at the end of July. It must be love if I’m crazy enough to go to Mexico in July/August. It’s gonna be H-O-T. Don’t worry, y’all: I’ll whazz at cha a la mexicana.

  13. 1. time until the century club starts. u should know the rules by now.

    2. jenh…i can’t wait to see u in mexico. i will bring my sombrero. i find it odd that u will actually come visit me while i’m working, but hey…that’s love right.

  14. Hot damn!!!!!
    Madd, look!!!!!

    1 $666
    2 $444
    3 P A L$278
    4 Fergy609$200
    5 nipperse$178
    6 SkyWalk423$144
    7  thinktwice1$111
    8 SantaFeSlim$89
    9  H Town55 $67

    Went all-in w/ 10s. Got called by AA. Wa wa waaaa (that’s my sorry buzzer).

  15. Yo cla,
    I read that book you got me, Pan. I know why you like it… dude is belligerent cal!

    Whazzers, the book in from some norweigian nut who lives in a hut with his dog. Dude is bonkers: one time at a party he gets drunk and spits in a guy’s ear; another time he tosses a chick’s shoe in a lake; and he has a big problem switching from I love you to I hate you every two seconds. At the end of the book he shoots his dog and crushes a girl with an avalanch. At the very end a dude gets sick of a his shit and shoots him in the face. Overall a nice collection of interesting nonsense.

  16. Yo scotty 2 4naya: where was xpac?

    I watched smackdown, and saw no sign of him. Anyone else watch it? It was from Milwaukee (I shoulda went…) and Cena wore a Yount jersey to the ring for his lumberjack match. Very nice. hadn’t seen one of those puppies in a while.

    In other non-poker, wrestling or lit news,
    Went to the brewer game last night. Crew won in anticlimatic fashion in 12 due to an error. Whatever, Ill take it.

    whazz on

  17. yo wirkus…x-pac was backstage at the latest raw ppv. there were some talks about bringing him back in some capacity, so we’ll see how that goes.

    o yeah wirks, expect some sort of congratulatory statement from SDS on our bts greatest. right now…we rule (together).

    just under 2 hours left.

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