Back In The High Life Again

One (1) List coming up.

1. I’m back playing poker again. I was watching World Poker Tour the other night and said “fuck it” and deposited a little bit of money. My current strategy is No Ring Games, Only NL Tournament. So far I’m 3 for 3, taking 2nd in a $5 ($10 profit), 3rd in a $20 ($20 profit), and 1st in a $10 ($50 profit). So in a few days I’m up $80, which for me is very good. This weekend while Erin’s in Vegas (see below), I think I’ll play in one of the Midnight Oil multi-tables. Wirkuswhazz, contact me if you wanna get in on that too.

2. This weekend my lovely wife will be in Vegas to watch Madonna shimmy and shake onstage. She will also be drinking and gambling. Ah Erin, have fun with that. And tell the ladies at Cheetah’s that I say “hi, here’s a twenty”.

3. We’re into hour nine of the Real Century Club, and when I awoke this morning I found 10-odd empty cans of beer on our coffee table. I guess GMX got started promptly at midnight last night. For those that don’t know, the Real Century Club, is consuming 100 cans of beer in one weekend. So from 12:01am Friday morning until 11:59pm on Sunday each contestant must drink 100 cans of beer. I decided not to participate, mainly because I value my health and life. I will, however, be blogging the event from ground zero (Thugg Mansion).

4. Found a trailer for an awesome new movie coming out. Check out the preview for Napolean Dynamite. Looks funny as fuck. While we’re at it, the trailer for the new Will Ferrell movie is out. Check it out here. That one looks good too.

Holler back, youngin.

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79 thoughts on “Back In The High Life Again

  1. It’s a bug in your page. Fix it, and I will stop. Also, this message comes up in the moblog box now: “Error in parsing rss feed. Stopping.” What does that mean?

  2. It’s whazzmaster for girls, where people talk about feelings and periods and fun times instead of 2-7 off suit and wrestling and beer.

  3. wow. fuck.. so did you actually make it too 100?

    1. impressed.
    2. I like how madd started the game, and Zack bowed out at the beginning, and Zack STILL drank as much as madd.
    3. I love you too, baby.
    4. You ever get so sick, that you have to decide whether to shit in the toilet and puke all over the bathroom, or puke in the toilet and shit all over the bathroom? That was my saturday night in NYC. And I blew my eyeballs out from that experience. they are all red now. I blame the Mussells. And I also blame trying to drink Manhattans, in Manhattans, and eating Manhattan clam chowder in Manhattan. they do not mix. And bad mussells in manhattan clam chowder makes for a very bad night.
    5. BTS: bum Bum…. bum Bum….

  4. Timmah, are you trying to make it whazzmaster for boys again? Because I bet one day, I will meet your wife, and that will be the end of your whazzing days.

  5. I don’t have time to figure out where the bug is. Just fucking tell me so I can fix it.

  6. Whoa there, Tiger. I’d be happy to show it to you tonight over a glass or two of wine and maybe some soft candlelight. It can be romantic bug-fixing.

  7. would whazzmaster for metros be adequate? I’ll tell you, about 1/2 of ALL men (some of them couldn’t be called men) in NYC were wearing PINK. I was told Pink is the new Black. Puke. Scientist is even wearing pink today. Fatt Puke.

  8. That’s beautiful! whazzmaster for metros. There were also lots of men wearing pink at the Madonna concert this weekend. Are you wearing it now too?

  9. One of the guys we work with wears Fuschia every friday, its fuschia fridays, maybe you should join in.

  10. 1. timmmah…i drank them all, madd puked in the pool. maybe he foresaw what he’d look like in pink or saw your bts score.

    2. did kane have a herpe on his lip last nite?

  11. 3. for my next amazing stunt, i plan to drink 1 gallon of milk in one hour. anyone else wanna try?

  12. 1. RC – how was Madonna? Does she still rock out with her cock out?
    2. I love you, too, baby.
    3. My weekend was boring. Racine. My pop is a lot better, though, which should make all you drinkin and smokin fools out there rest assured that modern medicine is a miracle, even after decades of debauchery.
    4. My 5K is this weekend. If you would like to donate to my breast cancer research pledge fund, email me. It’s not too late. I think I might be able to run the WHOLE THREE MILES; I’m already nervous. I’m going to carb load on beer at the Terrace the day before, so that should help out.

  13. What if the check doesn’t get there by June 5th? Since it’s already June 1st, I mean.

  14. It’s Alona’s girlfriend’s 33rd birthday tonight. I’m going to get her a can of WD-40 with a big red bow because she’s a lesbian and I’m funny.

  15. y is that funny…i take it that she’s not a hot lesbian. more of a dyke on bike type chick?

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