27 thoughts on “Paul’s Wedding Is Online With Pictures

  1. Last week I started my internship in Milwaukee. I am working in the Medical Respiratory ICU and its been quite the expereince thus far. The very first thing I did on my very first day was help take a dead guy to the morgue. I thought I was going to luck out and not have to see him but we had to double check his toe tag once we got there. Another reason that it has been interesting is because on the third day I walked in and was informed that a 420 lb gentleman we had cared for had lice and we all had to get medicine from the pharmacy to prevent it and wash all of our bedding and clothing we had worn. So far so good no lice!!

  2. Nice post Zach, I really can’t think of any more great high points. Maybe one more: Your Dad mastering the electric slide while Jen H helped Grandma. That picture you have with me in the corner a little makes me look kind of the like the “special kid” at the wedding.

  3. Thanks for the thoughts, bellgirl. To everyone, I added a fourth page with all the extra pics I couldn’t use in the main post.

  4. Fucking A. I’m nearly caught up on my whazzing… next to check out The Big Show Wedding! Way to go Big Show!!! Thanks to Frenchy for reporting on the weekend. esp:

    pizza hut is closed, i’m out of donuts. i don’t know what i’ll do for food yet. unfortunately i know what i’m doing for drinking 🙁

    Oh, and the part about the throw up. How do you feel today? Why/how/good lord WHY did you do that? But whaterver your reasons… Bravo!

    Was in NYC this weekend. Very impressive. Also, I bought tons of NYC Junk!

    Whazzmaster.com: got any NYC junk?

    Yes I do. what esle? Thanks for the invite to THUGG mansion around drink n.o. 80. i’m there.

    chin chin,


  5. Zach, grand post I’ll award you two ears and the tail– hell, you can have the nuts.

    Cla, I read that dam PAN book. Next time I’m drunk, I’m spitting in your ear.

    Blah, blah, blah…

    ps. in the first pic of ewaz singing, that speck of human head hidden behind his bush of a haircut is me!

  6. in got junk news, there is a billboard in Milwaukee that says simply:

    Junk? 1-800-555-5555

  7. 1. Holy shit, I’m a dancin FOOL. I was hysterically laughing at three parts, in particular:
    A) the Ewaz Mid-Air kick (EROZ: CALL ME ABOUT YOUR UMBRELLA)
    B) the bride and groom walking off hte dance floor separately
    C) Zach with his shirt off and the caption: Paul, I’m Very Sorry

    I demand that more whazzers get married so that I can dance like a maniac at more weddings. Now I’m starting to get excited for my hee-haw cousin’s wedding this August. The reception is at a bowling alley. That’s my family: classy.

    2. Can you imagine how much fun our class reunion is going to be???? And I have a plan. We can all take a different whazzer for our date: I have dibs on Bellgirl, Zach can take Wirkus and Erin can take Eroz.

    3. I heart Paul’s grandma.

  8. wow, great wedding stuff. bellgirl what is bad about EMerGenCee i drink boatloads of that crap. am i going to die?

  9. Oh, one more thing to add: Tammy got a camera phone for her birthday. Lesbians like to take naked pictures of their girlfriend and send them to each other. Do straight people do that?

  10. Yo, pennythistle, what toothbrush do you want me to buy? I went shopping today and the options stunned me. Also, you’ll like this, I fixed my airport. It took me like 2 hours and I had to read the directions and probe my memory for all the things you told me to remember, but I did it.

    Cla, Pan: your take on it?
    And BG’s adversion to Emergencee is not health related; she simply doubts that it works. Fuck her though… you’re not living until you have 1111% of your daily rec allowance of vitamin C cursing through your veins. Plus it’s damn tasty.

  11. WD-40 for Tammy because she’s always fixing stuff for Alona and I, and she is planning on buying a pickup truck. I thought it would appeal to the butch in her.

  12. that’s actually a good gift. i love that stuff. nothing like desqueaking things. that and goo gone. oh sweet goo gone. taker offer of labels and other goo things. light of my life. um about pan, you got a bad translation. i knew it as soon as i sent it. i read a different translation recently and it was crappy. damn. oh well. when the guy throws her shoe in the water was my favorite moment ever. that is until i read that other translation. shoot. anyway i’ll make it up to you with a better book. later, cal

  13. I’m sorry, but you have dialed a number that can not be reached from your calling area. 368

  14. Now this is what whazz is about. Great pictures… funnier captions. That should be a motto. Now it is.

  15. 1. What’s up with always asking if I have a new job? Do you have a new job? No I have no new job.

    2. Fornier, please report on your experience drinking 100 beers 72 hours 🙁 Why did you do it? Will you ever do it again? Would you encourage others to do it? Did you enjoy it?

    3. RC how were The Shins and The Firery Furnaces? Those Firery Furnaces are supposed to be cool. cool?

    4. Jen have you moved to Milwaukee? Everybody has moved to Milwaukee. Do you all like it? Katie is not allowed to answer. Mostly I want Bellgirl’s take. Bellgirl?

    5. Sean, what is your life like? do you whazz from a computer made of coconuts or grasses or what? do you ever lounge under coconut trees? do natives fan you with palm leaves while you whazz/lounge? do you at least drink out of coconuts?

    6. i told you wwhaz, i liked when he threw the shoe in the water. also his dog and the rock outside of his hut. also, the hut.

    7. wow, I’m up to seven! moneypenny… um… whazz!

  16. 1. I move to Milwaukee in August. 50 days of work left (counting weekends). SUCKAS.
    2. Isn’t Sean in Peru or something? I think mostly it is cold and dirty there, unless of course, you are a big time drug runner. Then I think they fan you with palm leaves.
    3. Cla – do you have A job? What is it?

  17. Who made “wanna fuck till my tits fall off?” a whazzmaster slogan? Baby, I think you should delete that one.

  18. 1) i am a big time drug runner and sean is my partner in peru.

    2) SMS- good work at BTS. it’s gonna be me and you in the end- keep it up!

    3) where are you madd scientist?

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