News Flash: Moneypenny’s Are Moving

Wow. My parents are moving. It’s weird to realize that the house I lived in for years and years is getting sold. The new house my parents are buying is located out in Franksville in a new subdivision across the street from Gifford School (out Mr. Ertl’s way I guess).

So I wonder if it will still be The Place for Day After Christmas. I also wonder how weird its gonna be for me to go back home the first time after they move in.

Hey! Congratulations on the purchase! Wow, the next time I visit Wisconsin I’ll be staying in Franksville… weird. Make sure on your way out the door with the last box to kick something once for me. It doesn’t have to be something that will leave a mark. Just make sure something gets kicked hard before you give up the keys.

So, for xmas & holidays are we still hosting the pre-out Day After Christmas party a way out in Franksville? Eenteresting.

Keep me posted,

—–Original Message—–
From: Sue Moneypenny []
Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2004 2:04 PM
To: Zachery Moneypenny
Subject: Home for Sale

Dear Zach,

How was your long 3 day holiday weekend? Dad said something about a drunk guy in your house…. Did Erin have a nice girls weekend away?

We had a nice time in Elizabeth. Helped Grandma with some cooking and cleaning. It rained the entire time we were there, we had our hands full just keeping Kailey entertained. We took her over and shower her the chickens at Jim’s house in a desperate attempt to amuse her, it worked!!

Well, it is official, we signed a contract for the house that you saw with us and tonight we are signing with a realtor to put our house up for sale….it is scary…..and exciting, but right now more scary….we have to sell it in 45 days…..I woke up with a gigantic headache this morning, and I never get headaches…just thinking about what we have to do and preparing for the open house and eventual move….wish us lots of luck…..

We gave Erma away to the Humane Society… was hard, but we have to get rid of the cat smell and we didn’t want to take her with us to the new home. Ashley was nice enough to do it and I know it was hard, but it is done.

That is all for now….we will keep you posted on what is happening…
Love, MOM

Weirdness abounds. Check back for more updates.

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38 thoughts on “News Flash: Moneypenny’s Are Moving

  1. 1. Dude. You live like, 2 minutes from my parent’s house. Welcome to Suburbia. Try not to suffocate yourself with the soul crushing boredom to be found under every rock and piece of decorative lawn ornamentry.

    2. I like how your mom signs her emails: MOM. It’s like BOOM. BOLD CAL.

    3. Poor Erma. I feel sorry for her. How would you like to be given up for adoption because you gave the house a funny smell?

  2. this is sort of funny:

    when you put “” into google you get this: Tube Steak Central. Remember Me username password Signup!

    Love, MOM

  3. It’s official. My hatred for politics has erupted into a vast amount of rage. Now up until today I was able to handle skipping portions of the newspaper or skipping over posts on Whazzmaster, but today was the last straw….

    POLITICS INVADED SAVED BY THE BELL!!!!!!!!! It’s on now.

    When attempting to watch my average 2 hours of SBTB today, I was confronted with CSPAN on Tivo instead of SBTB. Oooh politics and your tricky ways of trying to keep me down.

  4. Wow!

    I LOVE this part… fucking love it:

    Quoting MOM:

    “Dad said something about a drunk guy in your house…”

    It’s the gradeschool telephone game at work. I’d love to read an exact transcript of zach raging to his father about Scott coming over to drink 100 beers and then Zach’s dad explaining that to Zach’s mom. Wow.

    Poor Erma!

  5. Yeah, kinda felt bad for Erma. Sorry dawg.

    Also, I rearranged all of the archives (blog, article, and picture) into one page for your perusing pleasure. Check the ‘Content Archives’ link in the menu.

  6. who is dr. gonzo? he/she is about to pass up wirkus/fornier as bts champ! impressive! but who is this masked man! also, Heather- Mora got a hit in his first at bat! nice! also, bladdy blu! also, where is madd scientist? come out come out you overweight lover!

  7. quick quiz:

    name the original “overweight lover” bonus if you can name one of his songs… super bonus if you can name a movie in which he appeared. in the sprit of sportsmanship, google is not allowed in the contest…

  8. Hard to believe the Moneypenny homestead will be going up for sale. Site of so many sleepovers.

    Farewell 1600 Flett.

  9. DING DING DING! fornier is the best whazzer! i was thinking of “now that we’ve found love” but i’m sure that one is a song too. oh heavy d, we hardly knew ye.

    via google… holy crap are these lyrics bad:

    One two, tell me what you got
    Let me slip my quarters inside your slot to hit the jackpot
    Rev me up rev me up
    My little buttercup
    We can tug sheets snuggle up and get stuck
    Believe it or not
    Here comes the brother with glow
    A strugglin’, bubblin’ overweight lover hurt prone
    So what’s it gonna be
    Me or the TV
    Now let me take time to set your mind and your body free
    (Now) So why don’t you just stretch
    Stretch for a sec
    Played ??? so I could cop a quick rec
    Shake me, Shake me
    Baby baby bake me
    No need to fake here I am
    Come on and take me
    Wind your body
    Baby move your body
    I see you slip sliding
    Come on now do it hottie
    I’m not quite sure as to what is going down
    But I’m feeling Hunky Dory
    ’bout this thing that I found

  10. What is the plural of Moneypenny? Is it Moneypennys? Moneypennies? Whatever it is, I know it’s not Moneypenny’s…

  11. I call you the Moneypennies because I think it’s funny. Now I’m going to call you Monypenis, too.

  12. Bah! Your young and pretty. Best wishes on you’re birthday celebrations. Perhaps youll get a hasbrown.

  13. Does a hasbrown have something to do with a body part? If so, then I will not add it to tha list. If not, and it is merely the shortened name of a carbohydrate-laden breakfast treat, then I will surely bow to your wishes.

    BTW– i’m down for din-din tonight, sweet-cheeks.

  14. Hi Everyone. What does “BFD”, as in Live 105’s “BFD 2004 Concert”, stand for?

  15. big fat donkeys
    bitches filing data
    bong fast dude
    billing from debit
    bizarre flatulent divas

    any of these will work.

  16. It stands for
    “Big Fuckin Deal”

    but they can’t say that or Bush will take them off the air.

  17. Sweet. Thanks Timmah!

    I am, once again, at everyone’s favorite sputtering disk producer today. Anyone want to make a shout out to anybody here?

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