Attention: Whazzmaster May Go Down

In trying to get a new test server setup to try out Movable Type blogging system, I may have inadvertently fucked over the real whazzmaster web site. So, over the course of the next several days the site may go down for sometime, but I think I fixed it so it should only be a minor interruption in service.

Just thought I’d let y’all know.

–whazz on

11 thoughts on “Attention: Whazzmaster May Go Down

  1. Yeah!

    you motherfuckers.

    Im a bit drunk eating a taco. a taco! Anyway, wanted to say whazz. where is scott? Scott furryginer? Damn that kid. I once forged a river with him and judd. No kidding.

    and the brewers, wow! Are the angels the best the AL has to offer? Sheeeet, we whooped em again.

    anyway, raj, I went to walmart to buy that toothbrush you like so much and get this: walmart was closed. The power was out, so they locked the doors and invited all the works to come outside and smoke.

    Madd! Madd! I played two multis today. The first was a 20 with 129 people in it, I took 13th. The top 10 paid. I raised the pot 1000 and a dude with 3-4os suit called me. The flop was 3310, I had A10. Needless to say he turned me into a ghost, but before I was kicked off I typed “gaywad”

    In the second one, the 20 guranteed, I took 14th. Pretty good? I also won 100 playing 2-4.

    Blah, blah, blah. I hate you, I love you

  2. Jen, can you please take a picture of your Palm Tungsten C and posted on mobile whazz? We can trade the pictures like they’re pictures of our kids.

  3. YO! I’d like to direct your attention to the following:

    1 JD BIG Real money $393
    2 zachery Real money $236
    3 scarybaby Real money $157.50
    4 stockid Real money $126
    5 ohhoshow Real money $79
    6 Tainter1 Real money $63
    7 majorace Real money $47.50
    8 Chrissy B1 Real money $31.50
    9 Cralo Real money $27.50
    10 LamarLatrell Real money $20
    11 libertywins Real money $16
    12 KeysrSoze Real money $16
    13 BlueSteel356 Real money $16
    14 Brogan72 Real money $16
    15 Myke7 Real money $16
    16 big al41 Real money $16
    17 manhat10ite Real money $16
    18 Nightrider43 Real money $16

    313 people in the $5+1 multi.

    boo yah. and highh scientist and gmc helped.

  4. damn, talk about slim pickens on bts. i too almost picked mora today cal, but i wanted my streak to continue.

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