Poker Weekend

It was a pretty good weekend as far as poker was concerned.

  • 2nd in a $20
  • 1st in a $30
  • 1st in a $10
  • Lost a couple of $20 and $30 tourneys
  • Made a bit of money in the $2-$4 10 handed games

The ultimate result of this was to bring my account that was at $80 up to $250, which is sweet. The reason it was at $80 to begin with was that I was at $450 or so and cashed out a bunch of it in order to finance the purchase of some new golf clubs.

So if I continue along the same line, I’ve turned my $50 deposit into $700 at this point, which ain’t that bad.

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17 thoughts on “Poker Weekend

  1. My word the internet is dumb… check out this fucking gay thing I, w-whazz:

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  2. and I like how it says “with Valentine’s day approaching”

    this was on the MSN mail page today…

  3. madd,

    What are the odds of me losing at the flop here? What % am I to win? Why in the name of shit would he call my all-in after the flop?

    pal AcQh
    montethefag Ks8h


  4. Madison Area whazzers: Saturday is Alona’s birthday. Club 5 is the place to be; the Old Man will be in attendance. I’m going to feed him tequila. Be there or be square.


    for some reason, that quote reminded me of whazzmaster.

  6. Well I’m back in the poker game. I saw that my account had $2 in player points so I cashed those in, played blackjack and reached $6. I then left blackjack to begin my downfall in the world of poker once again. Well to my surprise I now have 139.21 in my account. The following are consecutive hands in a tourny to help me position myself for another win.

    Seat 1: smartyjonez ($7,050 in chips)
    Seat 4: Chucklicious ($2,900 in chips)
    Seat 6: Bear Slims ($795 in chips)
    Seat 7: MastaCaspa [ 7C,JS ] ($1,725 in chips)
    Seat 9: badboy206 ($2,530 in chips)

    Bear Slims posts blind ($75), MastaCaspa posts blind ($150).

    badboy206 folds, smartyjonez calls $150, Chucklicious calls $150, Bear Slims folds, MastaCaspa checks.

    FLOP [board cards JD,2C,3C ]
    MastaCaspa bets $300, smartyjonez calls $300, Chucklicious calls $300.

    TURN [board cards JD,2C,3C,JC ]
    MastaCaspa bets $500, smartyjonez bets $6,600 and is all-in, Chucklicious calls $2,450 and is all-in, MastaCaspa calls $775 and is all-in.

    RIVER [board cards JD,2C,3C,JC,2S ]

    smartyjonez shows [ AD,AS ]
    Chucklicious shows [ QC,9C ]
    MastaCaspa shows [ 7C,JS ]
    smartyjonez wins $4,150, Chucklicious wins $2,350, MastaCaspa wins $5,250.

    Seat 1: smartyjonez ($4,150 in chips)
    Seat 4: Chucklicious ($2,350 in chips)
    Seat 6: Bear Slims ($720 in chips)
    Seat 7: MastaCaspa [ AC,KC ] ($5,250 in chips)
    Seat 9: badboy206 ($2,530 in chips)

    MastaCaspa posts blind ($75), badboy206 posts blind ($150).

    smartyjonez folds, Chucklicious folds, Bear Slims calls $150, MastaCaspa bets $225, badboy206 calls $150, Bear Slims bets $570 and is all-in, MastaCaspa calls $420, badboy206 calls $420.

    FLOP [board cards 4C,3C,5S ]
    MastaCaspa bets $1,000, badboy206 bets $1,810 and is all-in, MastaCaspa calls $810.

    TURN [board cards 4C,3C,5S,9D ]

    RIVER [board cards 4C,3C,5S,9D,5C ]

    badboy206 shows [ AH,5D ]
    Bear Slims shows [ KH,KS ]
    MastaCaspa shows [ AC,KC ]
    MastaCaspa wins $3,620, MastaCaspa wins $2,160.

    I thought both of these were funny because after not playing for about 2 months and reading up on hand statistics, pot odds, how to keep your head on a short stack and many other topics in the poker world, it seems to have paid off (oh yeah like in the first hand a bad beat here and there doesn’t hurt either).

  7. RC – I just saw the happy couple at the Starbucks on the Square, so I got Paul and Amy’s address. I also impertinently asked when they were going to have some babies.

    That’s your punishment for getting married: obnoxious people like me badger you for babies.

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