Sorry everyone about the absence. There’s been a lot of things happening, not the least of which is me trying to set up a new version of the website for general use.

Other news:
1. At work we’re shutting down the company for a week so there’s a ton of pressure to get a bunch of projects finished off before the entire shebang for 5 days.
2. Things just aren’t as exciting as they used to be. I stay in most weekends lately and when we do go out its usuallu just me and erin to a movie or something.
3. One reason for the above is that we’d like to start saving money for a grander purpose: buying as many lottery tickets as we can to try and glean enough money to buy a house.

The people who have permissions to post on this website include myself, Madd Scientist, GMC, Rock Chalk, and wirkuswhazz. I gave them all permission with the hope that if I didn’t have time to post then they’d have something interesting to say. I guess not.

more to be discussed later on…

61 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Let’s TDAC in MILW for XMAS. That’s fun. I officially rule out Water Street. OK, maybe not; it might be fun, in a bad way.

  2. If you had a theme song to your life to your life, what would it be?

    The Old Man’s would be either “It’s Raining Men” or “Jailbait” by the Stones.

    Mine would be “Let’s Get Loud” by J Lo.

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