Everything I Had Was In That Wallet and Cell Phone

In addition to doing exciting things this weekend such as seeing Anchorman and getting drunko at the bowling alley, I had the unbelievable luck to have my wallet and cell phone go right into The Warsh. It was fantastic! All my money was limp, and my “Buy 10 Burritos, Get 1 Burrito Free” Card from BuenoBueno was destroyed. But perhaps the greatest achievment of The Warsh was to wreck my cell phone which I had just bought a few weeks ago. So now I have no phone for the time being. Anyone who wants to talk to me: too bad. Zach’s not here right now; leave a message at the beep… *beep*. What I really want to replace it is the Nokia 7610, which isn’t even out in USA yet. But GMC has one and it rocks your face off. Caspa said he saw it being sold as an import in an Asian cell phone store in San Jose for $800. I found it on eBay for $520. I gotta wait, however, to buy a new one anyways because GMC said if I let my 6820 dry out maybe it will still work.

7 thoughts on “Everything I Had Was In That Wallet and Cell Phone

  1. Mostly, it looks cool and has a 1 megapixel digital camera. I haven’t been able to moblog anything because the camera on my 6820 sucks balls. Also, a 1MP camera is just on the threshold of being good enough for web pictures (for the web site) and also to archive on my iBook for personal collection. I’m all about convergence in personal electronics. As soon as I was able to sync my contact list and calender from Outlook I did it. Now, if I could carry, in one device, a camera, phone, list of contacts and numbers, and my calendar, it would be pretty great. Throw a money clip and key ring on that bitch and it would be perfect.

  2. Convergence IS retarded if it looks like I’m holding a Harry Potter book up to the side of my head. Convergence PLUS style, though. Now that’s the holy grail. While not fully searchable/indexed/whatever, even the 6820 did a good job of storing contacts and calendar items. Those are the tuff things to fit into the convergence equation. Adding a camera is just bladdyblu icing on the cake. Looking back, I kind of like how the 3650 handled it. If only it wasn’t so goddamned ugly… and you could hear out of it when people talked to you.

  3. Well in addition to the magic that Moneypenny has also described, the 7610 takes 10 minutes of video which can be edited, you can store word documents or powerpoint presentations and the such on the device and to repeat and quote again, “it rocks your face off.”

    Also we should take a moment of silence to rest old 6820 to rest. *pause*

    Your 6820 is no longer with us Z. It has lost much of its functionality and back lights. It’s service is unable to connect and well…the camera is lost forever.

  4. Fuck. The SIM card is wanged. Now I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do about a phone. I guess I’ll be off the grid for a few days/weeks. Hope everyone is familiar with my work/home numbers.

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